Abolishing Certain Commissions, Councils and Committees
Executive Order No. 219

March 21, 1970



WHEREAS, several commissions, councils and committees created by executive and administrative orders of the President of the Philippines have been found to have either accomplished the purposes and objectives for which they have been created or are merely duplicating the functions of other agencies or entities of the Government.

WHEREAS, the agencies or entities whose functions embrace the functions and activities of said commissions, councils and committees could adequately perform the said functions and activities; and

WHEREAS, it is the policy of this Administration to streamline and simplify the operations of government agencies and avoid as much as possible the duplication of efforts, functions and activities. EAcCHI

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby abolish the following entities and revoke the executive or administrative orders creating them:

Created by
1. Investment Assistance Executive Order No. 43,
Commission s. 1954
2. Loans and Investment Executive Order No. 36,
Council s. 1963 as amended
3. Special Committee on Executive Order No. 108,
the Creation of New s. 1967
Agencies or Offices
and New Positions
4. Peace and Order Executive Order No. 29,
Council s. 1966 as amended
5. Peace and Order Executive Order No. 143,
Commission s. 1968
6. Anti-Smuggling Fund Executive Order No. 12,
Committee s. 1966
7. Presidential Anti-Crime
Coordinating Office
8. Historical Documents Executive Order No. 164,
Committee s. 1969
9. Committee on Arson Executive Order No. 139,
s. 1968
10. National Committee on Administrative Order No. 151,
Disaster Operations s. 1968
11. Presidential Rice and Executive Order No. 6,
Corn Committee s. 1962
12. National Coordinating Executive Order No. 154,
Committee on Reforestation s. 1968
and Tree-Planting
13. Committee on Consumers' Administrative Order No. 232,
Cooperative Association s. 1957
14. Presidential Committee Executive Order No. 55,
for the Rehabilitation s. 1966
of Released Prisoners
15. Training Coordination Administrative Order No. 121,
Council s. 1966
16. Committee in Philippine Executive Order No. 152,
Petroleum Exploration s. 1965
17. Coconut Development Executive Order No. 169,
Committee s. 1965
18. Committee on Landed Administrative Order No. 102,
Estates s. 1955 as amended
19. Dynamite Fishing Executive Order No. 40,
Committee s. 1954
20. Presidential Committee Executive Order No. 107,
in Trade Agreements s. 1955
21. Committee on Facilitation Executive Order No. 106,
of International Air Transport s. 1955
in the Philippines
22. Flood Control Commission Executive Order No. 68,
s. 1936 as amended
23. Civil Aviation Policy Administrative Order No. 84,
Committee s. 1964 as amended
24. Special Committee on Administrative Order No. 279,
Information and Educational s. 1958
Radio Program
25. Mt. Data National Park Executive Order No. 37,
Reservation Executive s. 1966
26. Youth and Student Affairs Executive Order No. 169,
Board s. 1969
27. Special Committee on Baguio Executive Order No. 75,
Squatter Problem s. 1967
28. Philippine Panel to the RP-US Administrative Order No. 125,
Joint Veterans Commission s. 1966 as amended
29. Asian Good Neighbor Executive Order No. 70,
Relations Commission s. 1954 as amended
30. Committee on Documentary Administrative Order No. 333,
Films s. 1960

The functions of the Peace and Order Commission, the Anti-Smuggling Fund Committee and Presidential Committee on Rehabilitation of Released Prisoners are hereby transferred to the Peace and Order Coordinating Council, those of the Historical Documents Committee to the Department of Education, and those of the National Coordinating Committee on Reforestation and Tree-Planting to the Reforestation Administration.

The funds, equipment, property, and records of the Peace and Order Council and the Presidential Anti-Crime Coordinating Office are hereby transferred to the Peace and Order Coordinating Council.

All executive orders, administrative orders, and rules and regulations inconsistent with this Order are hereby revoked. ICHAaT

DONE in the City of Manila, this 21st day of March, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy.