Adoption and Promulgation of the Code of Ethics for Geologists
PRC Board of Geology Resolution No. 002-14

September 4, 2014



WHEREAS, Section 7 (f) of

WHEREAS, in the pursuit of the aforementioned mandate, the Board shall adopt a code of ethics for the practice of the geology profession, as provided for under Sections 7 (i) and 39 of supra law;

WHEREAS, with the enactment of

WHEREAS, there are also technological developments and advancements in the practice of geology, locally and internationally, that necessitated the review and updating of the Code of Ethics for Geologists;

WHEREAS, the Board had undertaken the appropriate consultations with the Geological Society of the Philippines (GSP), in developing and crafting this Code of Ethics for Geologists;

NOW THEREFORE, the Board RESOLVES as it is hereby RESOLVED, to adopt and promulgate, with the approval of the Commission, The Code of Ethics for Geologists, which is marked as Annex A of this Resolution. EAIaHD

This Resolution and Annex A, entitled, "The Code of Ethics for Geologists" shall take effect after fifteen (15) days following its full and complete publication in the Official Gazette or in any newspaper of general circulation in the Philippines.

Let a copy of this Resolution and its annex be disseminated to the U. P. Law Center, the Geological Society of the Philippines (GSP), and other concerned associations for their information and guidance.

Done in the City of Manila this 4th of September, 2014.




Attested by:

Office of the Secretary to the Professional Regulatory Boards

Approved by:




Code of Ethics for Geologists


General Principles

SECTION 1. The practice of geology is a noble profession and the privilege of professional practice requires high degree of morality, technical knowledge and personal responsibility.

SECTION 2. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness, impartiality, candor and fidelity shall be ingrained in the practice of every Geologist.

SECTION 3. The highest ethical and moral standards shall be observed in the exercise of the professional duties and responsibilities of every geologist, as enshrined in this Code of Ethics.

SECTION 4. Every geologist must possess a valid Certification of Registration and current Professional Identification Card issued by the Professional Regulation Commission.


Relation of Geologist to the Community

SECTION 1. A Geologist shall avoid and discourage sensational, exaggerated and unwarranted statements. When called upon to give evidence or otherwise to speak on matters of facts, he/she shall state only facts based on personal knowledge and/or professional judgment.

SECTION 2. A Geologist, having or expecting to have any beneficial interest in a property which he/she reports on, must state in his/her report the existence of such interest or expected interest. HCSEcI

SECTION 3. A Geologist shall not give a professional opinion or make a report without being as thoroughly informed as might reasonably be expected, considering the purpose for which the opinion or report is requested. The degree of completeness of information upon which it is based shall be clearly stated.

SECTION 4. A Geologist shall not express any professional opinion, which reflects on the ability or integrity of any person or organization, unless his/her responsibility to the profession and the community requires him to do so.

SECTION 5. A Geologist shall not issue any false, misleading or self-laudatory statement/information in relation to his/her professional standing, qualification or practice.

SECTION 6. A Geologist shall maintain the highest regard for the welfare, safety and health of the general public, in the exercise of his/her profession.


Relation of Geologist to Employer and Client

SECTION 1. A Geologist shall protect the interest of his/her employer or client, with due regard to public welfare and the ethics of the profession.

SECTION 2. A Geologist who finds that his/her obligations to the employer or client are in conflict with the ethical standards of the profession, shall immediately give his/her employer or client a written notice to terminate their employment or professional relations.

SECTION 3. A Geologist shall not represent conflicting interests. As such, he/she must disclose his/her interest or that of another client on any matter which may give rise to a potential or actual conflict of interest with that of a prospective employer or client.

SECTION 4. A Geologist shall strictly observe the Rule on Privileged/Confidential Communication. He/she shall not reveal any information which may have been received in confidence from his/her employer or client in the course of the professional employment/engagement, except when required by law or upon written consent of the employer or client.

SECTION 5. A Geologist shall not accept any other professional employment/engagement, unless with the written consent of his/her employer or client.

SECTION 6. A Geologist, who has made an investigation for any employer or client, shall not profit or attempt to profit from the information gained, unless written permission to do so is granted, and there is no conflict of interests involved.

SECTION 7. A Geologist shall advise his/her employer or client to engage the services of other experts and/or specialists, whenever the professional service sought is beyond one's level of competence and the employer's or client's interest will be best served by such engagement. EcDSTI

SECTION 8. A Geologist shall not solicit or accept any fee for referring his/her employer or client to an expert or for recommending professional services of another geologist or specialist.

SECTION 9. A Geologist shall faithfully discharge his/her duties to the employer or client. He/she shall, at all times, protect the interest of his/her employer or client in the preparation of contracts, plans, reports and specifications, supervision of work and others. In the interpretation of contract documents, a Geologist shall observe the values of truth, impartiality and prudence.

SECTION 10. A Geologist shall avoid placing himself/herself under any obligation to any person or organization who deals with his/her employer or client. He/she shall not accept any favor from such person or organization.


Relation of Geologist to Co-Professionals

SECTION 1. A Geologist shall not falsely or maliciously injure the reputation or business of another.

SECTION 2. A Geologist shall give credit to whom it is rightfully due and shall not resort to plagiarism or other means to obtain credit to which he/she is not entitled.

SECTION 3. A Geologist shall not take undue advantage of his/her former or present status/position to compete unfairly or to discriminate against another Geologist.

SECTION 4. A Geologist shall endeavor to cooperate with other Geologists. He/she shall encourage the ethical dissemination of geoscientific information among his/her co-professionals.

SECTION 5. A Geologist shall not injure directly or indirectly, the reputation, prospects or business of another Geologist. However, whenever he/she considers a Geologist to be engaged in unethical, illegal or unfair practice, it is his/her duty to present relevant information to the Board of Geology and the Professional Regulation Commission.

SECTION 6. A Geologist, especially if he/she is in a position of authority, shall accord to those under his/her direction every reasonable opportunity to advance their knowledge and experience. EScAID

Published in The Philippine Star on September 12, 2014.