Allocation of 1% IRA for the Strengthening and Implementation of the Programs of the Local Councils for the Protection of Children
DILG Memorandum Circular No. 120-12

July 4, 2012


TO : All Provincial Governors, City/Municipal Mayors, Punong Barangays, ARMM Governor, ARMM DILG Regional Secretary, DILG Regional Directors and Field Officers and Others Concerned
SUBJECT : Allocation of One Percent (1%) Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) for the Strengthening and Implementation of the Programs, Projects and Activities of the Local Councils for the Protection of Children (LCPC) Per Section 15 of

I. Prefatory Statement

Section 15 of

The LCPC is an institutional mechanism in all levels of LGUs that advocates child rights, plans and initiates/recommends interventions and monitors children's programs and projects in the locality.

In view of this, all Local Chief Executives and others concerned are hereby enjoined to appropriate in the LGUs Annual Budget one percent (1%) of its internal revenue allotment (IRA) as required by

II. One Percent (1%) IRA Allocation

The Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs) that can be funded by the 1% IRA for the strengthening of LCPC are the following:

1. Preparation of:

a. Council's Annual Work and Financial Plan prioritized according to needs for integration in the local development plan; TCaEAD

b. Local Development Plan for Children (LDPC);

c. Local Investment Plan for Children (LIPC);

d. Local Code for Children (LCC) for provinces, cities and municipalities while ordinances for children at the barangay level;

e. Local State of Children's Report (LSCR);

f. Children's Profile; and

g. Responsive ordinances and policies consistent with the child-friendly commitments.

2. Conduct of:

a. Advocacy activities on the promotion of the rights and welfare of children;

b. Capability building activities for all stakeholders on children; and

c. Regular and special meetings of the Council.

3. Establishment, maintenance and updating of data base on children;

4. Assistance to Children in Need of Special Protection (CNSP) and referral of cases filed against child abusers to concerned agencies/institutions;

5. Development of advocacy materials on children;

6. Installation of a local information system on children's situation;

7. Documentation of good practice/s on children;

8. Monitoring of the enforcement of national and local laws on children and assessment of PPAs on children being undertaken by the LGUs in their respective localities which shall include among others, the following:

a. Establishment, improvement and maintenance of the standard day care centers, and recruitment of trained day care workers, etc.; cADaIH

b. Elimination of all forms of child abuse;

c. HIV/AIDS prevention;

d. Implementation of intervention and diversion programs for CICL as provided for in Section 18 of

e. Institutionalization of health and nutrition programs (i.e., immunization, salt iodization, feeding programs, micronutrient supplementation, etc.);

f. Provision of maternal and post natal care;

g. Construction and maintenance of community infrastructure like children's playground, library and youth centers, etc.;

h. Strengthening the family through parental care and guidance, family week celebration and parent education;

i. Provision of potable water supply;

j. Provision of services and programs that respond to the special needs, interest and concerns of children and offer appropriate counseling and guidance to these children and their families; and

k. Training/capacity building of service providers for children and LCPC members.

The LGUs may increase allocation for LCPC from the 1% requirement of AScHCD

The DILG Regional and Field Officers shall disseminate this Circular and provide the necessary assistance to LGUs in implementing this issuance that shall take effect immediately.

For guidance and compliance.