Census of All Veterans per Barangay
Letter of Instructions No. 287

June 27, 1975


TO : 1. The Secretary of National Defense
2. The Secretary of Local Governments and Community
3. All Others Concerned

In order to facilitate the distribution of certificates of stock of the Philippine Veterans Bank to veterans recipients and in order to up-date the list and the address of veterans, you are hereby directed to require Barangay Heads to undertake immediately a census of all veterans (living or dead) within their respective areas, indicating: (a) name of veteran (b) rank (c) army serial number, if any (d) unit or organization (e) present address.

In case of deceased veteran, in addition to the above, the name or names and present address of the heir of nearest kin shall be indicated including the date and place of death of said veteran.

For the purpose of this Letter of Instructions, the term "veteran" shall include: (a) Veteran of the Philippine Revolution (b) USAFFE (c) Recognized Guerrilla (d) PEFTOK (e) Retired personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Require all PC Provincial Commanders to coordinate this veterans census.

Require Barangay Heads to complete this listing alphabetically arranged to be submitted to the Municipal Mayor on or before 15 June 1975. Municipal Mayors shall consolidate the report in seven (7) copies, alphabetically arranged, to be collected by the PC Provincial Commanders on or before 30 June 1975 for transmittal by special courier to the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (3 copies), DND (2 copies), DLGCD (2 copies). PVAO shall in turn up-date the addresses and other data of the veteran, and to furnish as soon as possible the up-dated report to the Philippine Veterans Banks.

All certificates of stock shall be distributed through the PC Provincial Commander to Barangay Heads who shall deliver them to the owners. Certificates of stocks for deceased veterans shall be made after a determination of the heir or heirs or next of kin of the deceased veteran by the Judge Advocate General's Office, AFP.

This Letter of Instructions shall be transmitted to the Municipal Mayors and Barangay Heads through the PC Provincial Commanders by the fastest AFP communication facility.

The veterans record shall be up-dated every year in the manner stated above until otherwise ordered by me or by my duly designated representative.

For immediate and strict compliance. cdtai

DONE in the City of Manila, this 27th day of June, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Five.