Coordination and Integration of Statistical Activities of All Government Agencies
Letter of Instructions No. 521

March 22, 1977


TO : The National Economic and Development Authority
The Department of Trade
The Department of Labor
The Department of Education and Culture
The Department of Agriculture
The Department of Natural Resources
The Central Bank of the Philippines
The National Census and Statistics Office
The National Grains Authority
The Bureau of Agricultural Economics
The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
The Bureau of Forest Development, and all Departments, Bureaus, Officers, Agencies and Government Instrumentalities, Including Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations Involved in the Statistical Activities of the Government

WHEREAS, the Statistical Coordination Committee has been encountering problems of statistical coordination namely: unnecessary duplication of statistical activities by government agencies; existence of data gaps; data collection problems; unorganized statistical units in many government agencies; inadequate financial and manpower resources; and other problems of coordination;

WHEREAS, improvements and innovations adopted in the present government statistical system leave much to be desired toward the attainment of an ideal Philippine Statistical System; and

WHEREAS, there is a necessity of coordinating and integrating the statistical activities of all government agencies in order to improve their statistical capabilities in generating statistical data and information for planning exercises, policy formation and decision-making and for measuring progress and the impacts of government plans and projects; acd

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers in me vested by the

1. Full support by department secretaries and national/regional heads to:

a. Integrated Household Surveys;

b. Integrated Establishment Surveys;

c. All other surveys that call for integration.

2. All new large-scale surveys with a sample size of 500 or more to be done by government agencies may be reviewed by NEDA on a post factum basis.

3. The universal adoption of prescribed standards and classification systems by government agencies.

4. The NEDA and the Budget Commission should pursue vigorously its proposed tie-up in the budget review process so that they could institutionalized a more effective system of resource (budget) allocation for statistical activities.

5. The rationalization of the growth and development of computer based information systems, e.g. data banks/management information systems, among department by the National Computer Center.

6. Closer interdepartmental coordination in the government to prevent the use of conflicting statistics in department reports and press releases. cd i

7. The maximum utilization of the administrative/regulatory data collection of agencies which include the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Social Security System and Government Service Insurance System and Board of Transportation.

The NEDA Director-General is hereby authorized to issue the corresponding specific memoranda or circulars for the effective implementation of the aforementioned instructions.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 22nd day of March, 1977.