Creating a Cooperatives Coordinating Committee
Executive Order No. 242

June 29, 1970



WHEREAS, the cooperative movement plays an important role in the stabilization of prices of public commodities; and

WHEREAS, there is need for the different sectors thereof to cooperate with and assist each other, coordinate their activities and establish direct business relationships among themselves so that the movement may most effectively serve producers not only in helping solve the nation's economic problems but also those of consumers; DHAcET

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby create a Cooperatives Coordinating Committee composed of the following:

Monico Yadao

President, Filipino Cooperative

Wholesale Society

Eliseo Ocampo

General Manager, Greater Manila

Terminal Food Market

Isidro T. Lopez

Director, Cooperatives

Administration Office

Amado A. Lansang

Assistant Administrator

Agricultural Credit Administration

Diosdado Mangahas

Manager, Grains Marketing

Cooperative of the Philippines

Luciano Lactao

Executive Secretary,

Agricultural Cooperative

League of the Philippines

Salvador Agbayani

President, Philippine

Cooperative Credit

Union League

Ernesto B. Santos

Manager, Sugar Producers

Cooperative Marketing


Bienvenido P. Faustino

General Manager, Central

Cooperative Exchange

Irlando L. Kapaw-an

Manager, Bisayas Deepsea Fish

Producers Cooperative Marketing


Clemente Torso, Jr.

Director, Cooperative

Development Task Force,

National Food and

Agriculture Council DaEcTC

The Committee shall elect from among themselves a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and such other officers as may be deemed proper and necessary, as well as create sub-committees.

The Committee shall have the following functions:

1. Determine the prime commodity requirements or the different cooperatives and their members, so that necessary measures may be taken to fill up these requirements, to the end that prices of these prime commodities will not unreasonably rise beyond the reach of the consuming members of cooperatives.

2. Determine the essential producers' items that the different cooperatives and their members require so that measures for their procurement at reasonable cost may be recommended to the President.

3. Devise a system of business relationships between the agricultural and the non-agricultural cooperative sectors; the former supplying the agricultural produce requirements of the latter which shall supply the prime consumers' items needed by the former, thereby eliminating unnecessary middlemen in the process.

4. Coordinate the implementation of the measures devised to affect the foregoing objectives.

The Rice and Corn Production Coordinating Council (National Food and Agriculture Council) shall provide the Secretariat, to be headed by the Action Officer, to backstaff the Committee.

The Committee shall periodically submit its findings and recommendations to the President of the Philippines and shall appraise the Price Control Council of the same.

The Committee shall meet regularly once a month at the call of the chairman for the purpose of discharging its functions.

The Committee is hereby authorized to call upon any department, bureau, office, agency or instrumentality of the government, including government-owned or controlled corporations, for technical assistance, facilities and equipment as it may need in discharging its duties.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 29th day of June, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy.