Creation of a Special Committee on Travel for Abroad
Letter of Instructions No. 74

May 11, 1973


Pursuant to aisa dc

Undersecretary Manuel Collantes : Chairman
A representative from the
Department of Tourism : Member
Rony Diaz of the National Manpower
and Youth Council : Member
Nicanor Fuentes of the NEDA : Member
A representative from the Office
of the President : Member

The Committee shall formulate the policies and guidelines which shall govern the travel of Filipinos abroad. cdt

To implement the policies and guidelines formulated by the Committee, an Executive Body is hereby created to be composed of the following:

Undersecretary Manuel Collantes as Executive Officer; and as assistant executive officers aisa dc

Commissioner Edmundo Reyes of the Bureau of Immigration, and

Gen. Fabian Ver of the Office of the President.

These officials may ask any department, bureau, office, agency or instrumentality of the Government for such assistance as they may need in the performance of their duties.

The Committee shall complete within one week from issuance of these instructions the formulation of the policies and guidelines mentioned herein, which shall serve as the basis for the Executive Body in acting upon travel applications and issuance of the corresponding clearances.

These instructions shall take effect immediately. aisa dc