Creation of and Membership in the Supreme Court Health and Welfare Plan
OCA Circular No. 54-98

October 15, 1998


TO : All Judges and Clerks of Court of the Regional Trial Courts, Shari'a District Courts, Metropolitan Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts in Cities, Municipal Trial Courts, Municipal Circuit Trial Courts and Shari'a Circuit Courts
SUBJECT : Creation of and Membership in the Supreme Court Health and Welfare Plan

The Supreme Court En Banc by a Resolution dated August 18, 1998 in

The officers and employees, as well as the Judges, of the lower courts are included in the Plan. The initial funding will be sourced from savings generated from appropriations for the Supreme Court and the Judiciary Development Fund. Subsequent funds will come from the same sources in per quarter contributions and from the members who shall be required to contribute monthly the amount of Fifty (P50.00) Pesos to be deducted from their paychecks.

The Interim Board of Directors has decided to implement the Plan for the lower courts starting January 1999 in order to give the Judges, officers and employees enough time to file their membership information papers which shall also serve as the authorization for the monthly payroll deduction. Only those who have filed their membership information papers can avail themselves of the benefits under the Plan.

Attached are the rules on membership in the Plan; the form for membership information and authorization sheet; the rules on the health and burial benefits; the form for application for benefits under the Plan and the list of requirements for such application. This circular and its attachments shall be posted prominently in the workplace and the forms should be recopied for distribution to the employees of the court. TAESDH

Supplementary to the requirements listed in the rules on benefits are the requirements that the application for benefits shall be subscribed and sworn to by the applicant or his/her representative before the Presiding/Acting Judge of the court in which the applicant is employed at the time of illness or death; and that in cases of major surgical operation or medical case and minor surgical operation or medical case, the application for leave of absence during the illness, signed by the Presiding/Acting Judge, shall be appended to the application for benefits.

The accomplishment and forwarding to the Office of Administrative Services of the OCA of the Membership Information and Authorization Sheet of those joining the Plan in time for its implementation in January 1999 is hereby directed.

October 15, 1998.

Court Administrator