Creation of Cabinet Coordinating Committee to Coordinate All Integrated Rural Development Projects
Letter of Instructions No. 99

July 10, 1973


TO : The Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources
The Administrator, National Grains Authority
The President, Philippine National Bank
The Chief, Philippines Constabulary

You are hereby directed to form a Cabinet Coordinating Committee for the purpose of coordinating all Integrated Rural Development Projects. The Committee shall be composed of the following cabinet members or their authorized representatives: aisa dc

Secretary, Department of Agriculture
and Natural Resource Chairman
Secretary, Department of Public
Works and Communications Member
Secretary, Department of Finance Member
Secretary, Department of Local
Governments Member
Secretary, Department of Agrarian Reform Member

The Committee shall be empowered to create a single inter-agency staff to which technical personnel from the different departments will be detailed, headed by an Executive Director. cdtai

Moreover, the Committee shall also be empowered to select rural areas for integrated development, prepare project studies, arrange and/or negotiate for funding from local and foreign financial institutions, and supervise the projects' implementation.

This Order shall take effect immediately.

Approved: July 10, 1973 cd i