Creation of Career Positions for Project Managers and Engineers
Letter of Instructions No. 1099

January 5, 1981


TO : The Chairman, Civil Service Commission
The Minister of the Budget
All Heads of Ministry
SUBJECT : Creation of Career Positions for Project Managers and Engineers

WHEREAS, the pressures of development objectives and programs necessitate augmentation of regular government functions with special projects requiring complex managerial and technical expertise;

WHEREAS, there must be a continuing effort to attract, retain, develop and keep directly engaged in critical projects the highly qualified people required to do the job so as to further accelerate national development; aisa dc

WHEREAS, the formation of pools of agency Project Managers and Project Engineers will provide for the professionalization of such positions and ensure optimum use of available managerial and technical skills;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order and instruct the following: cdtai

1.0 Policy Objective

Positions of Project Managers and Project Engineers may be created in each Ministry which implement major national projects involving construction work. They shall be constituted into a pool in the office of the Minister or, where the number so warrants, into a Project Management Service.

Members of the pool shall individually or collectively be assigned to undertake all the functions pertinent to the management of a development project in the Ministry and/or its component Bureaus or Agencies.

Agencies with similar requirements in project management expertise may establish a common pool of Project Managers/Engineers. cd i

2.0 Definitions

2.1 A Project Manager is defined as an individual with the necessary academic preparation and work experience to enable him to conceptualize, plan, implement and manage a development project of the government who is appointed to such position. Project Managers shall be integrated into the government career service despite the temporary nature of projects to which they are assigned.

2.2 A Project Engineer is defined as an individual who performs duties similar to that of project manager, but whose responsibility is lesser due to the relatively smaller size or simpler characteristic of the project. cd i

2.3 A Development Project shall refer to any special activity assigned to an agency which cannot be easily undertaken as part of its regular operations because of a need for immediate implementation, non-recurring nature, difficulty of operating under existing administrative arrangements; and/or specific deadline for completion. They may include infrastructure projects intended to accelerate the development of identified locations, areas or population centers, as the construction of roads/bridges and irrigation facilities.

3.0 Appointments

3.1 Project Managers/Engineers shall be selected and appointed by the Head of the Agency.

3.2 Project Managers/Engineers shall be given permanent items and permanent status even if the projects to which they are assigned at any one time have a definite completion date. aisa dc

3.3 Qualification guidelines shall be established by the Minister of the Budget in consultation with the Ministries concerned and appointments shall be attested by the Civil Service Commission.

4.0 Number

4.1 The pool of Project Managers and/or Project Engineers may be of such number as warranted by major projects implemented by the agency, as may be determined by the Minister concerned with the concurrence of the Minister of the Budget.

4.2 Major foreign-assisted projects shall be given priority in the assignment of project managers. cdt

5.0 Assignments

5.1 A Project Manager/Engineer may be assigned to handle any project that may require his particular expertise in the agency. Assignments, transfers and other movements of a Project Manager shall be the responsibility of the Minister or his duly authorized representative.

5.2 Development projects shall be directed by the Project Managers/Engineers constituted under this letter or by the regular bureaus/offices/agencies of the Ministry as may be determined under existing rules and regulations.

6.0 Compensation

6.1 Project Managers shall be given basic salaries commensurate with their qualifications, and transportation and representation allowances based on the complexity and magnitude of their current project assignments, to be determined by the Minister of the Budget. The compensation rates for the Career Executive Service shall be used in determining the compensation rates. Personal services for CY 1980 shall be charged to project funds of the agency. cdt

7.0 Qualification Standards, other Implementing Details

7.1 Concerned agencies shall submit to the Ministry of the Budget pertinent information relating to specialized skills, academic/work requirements of their particular projects for purposes of drawing up qualification standards for Project Managers.

7.2 The Ministry of the Budget shall promulgate the necessary rules and regulations to implement this Letter of Instructions. cd i

8.0 This Order shall be effective immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 5th day of January, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-One. cd i