Enhanced Security Measures on Malls & Other Commercial Establishments
SOSIA Memorandum

October 14, 2011


(Attn: Chief, SAGSS)
All PSAs, CGFs, GSUs
All Private Security Personnel
All Malls/Commercial Business Establishments' Managers
All Malls/Commercial Business Establishments' Chief Security Officers


1. References:

a) High-profile cases of shooting incidents which transpired in malls;

b) SOP on the Prevention and Immediate Actions During Robbery Hold-up and other Major Crime Incidents in Malls/Business Establishments; and

c) Coordinating Conference with Malls/Commercial Business Establishments Security Managers and Chief Security Officers held on September 22, 2011 at CSG, Camp Crame, Quezon City.

2. Above references pertains to the recent shooting incidents in malls which resulted in the unnecessary loss of lives. Apart from this is the blame which befell on the Private Security Personnel manning the entrance/access points and the Private Security Provider.

3. During the coordinating conference, a general consensus by the attendees was agreed upon to adopt the following security measures:

a) Increase in the number of security personnel posted in entrance/access points and organize them into one (1) cohesive team to perform as Profiler (observe the situation), lady guard searcher (for female) and security guard searcher (for male). In an ingress (entrance) area, a minimum of three (3) security personnel should be deployed, one (1) lady guard and one (1) male guard for frisking of females and males respectively and one (1) guard to observe or conduct profiling.

b) Every thirty (30) minutes, the Profiler may exchange functions with the guards to give them breather.

c) A cycle of three (3) hours on and three hours off (relieved by another team) may be employed for the team to recover/recharge from the pressures and vagaries of being posted in entrance areas. The outgoing team shall be posted in light duties for three hours. ACETSa

d) Adoption of the security measures provided in the SOP which were broken down into three (3) phases; Preventive, During the Incident and Post Incident Phases. The SOP shall be discussed and disseminated to all security personnel in these establishments before actual deployment and for total coordination with the nearest PNP unit/station.

e) A thorough security survey be conducted to malls/establishments to enable the owners/mall managers to know the number of security guards to be deployed and what kind of security equipment be installed and utilized.

f) An honest to goodness employment of functioning electronic equipment (metal detectors, scanners, CCTV, walk-through, etc.) and canine teams, as the need demands.

g) Organization of Mall Security Management Association for a regular coordinating conference for exchanging ideas and best practices on access control particularly those dealing with vehicle inspection, body frisking, baggage inspection.

h) Instant communication/linkages with the nearest PNP unit.

4. All Mall/Commercial Business Establishments' Managers and Chief Security Officers are enjoined to adopt and implement the above-stated security measures.

5. Enhance training in emergency response procedures specifically shooting incidents, armed robbery, hostage taking, fire incidents and calamities.

6. For your information, guidance and compliance.

Police Senior Superintendent
OIC, Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies
Philippine National Police