Entries in the Logbook of Attendance
OCA Circular No. 10-12

February 6, 2012


TO : All Judges and Court Personnel of the 1st and 2nd Level Courts
SUBJECT : Entries in the Logbook of Attendance

In the Resolution dated 21 November 2011 in A.M. No. P-11-3015 formerly A.M. No. 09-2-49-RTC (Falsification of the Daily Time Record of Charlie A. Regilme, Legal Researcher II, Regional Trial Court, Branch 21, Manila), the First Division of the Court resolved, among others, to DIRECT the Office of the Court Administrator to ISSUE a circular regarding the entries in the logbook of attendance that the personnel should enter their arrival in the office in the order of time of arrival. CIETDc

Accordingly, all officials and personnel of the lower courts are hereby REMINDED to strictly observe the pertinent provision of (Prescribing Uniform Rules in Recording the Office Attendance of all Officials and Employees of the Judiciary), to wit:

"I. Recording of Office Attendance

A. Modes of Recording Office Attendance

The daily office attendance in all courts and offices in the Judiciary shall be recorded through the bundy clock, the chronolog time recorder machine (CTRM), the daily time record (DTR or Form 48), the certification of service (CS), or such other modes of recording as may be prescribed by this Court. Regardless of the method of recording office attendance used by each official and employee, all offices shall maintain a logbook of attendance where all officials and employees must log in chronologically by signing and indicating thereon their time of arrival at and departure from the office". (emphasis supplied)

Court Administrator
Office of the Cour Administrator