Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the Case Carrying Capacity of Lower Court Judges on October 29, 2013 at Great Eastern Hotel, 1403 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
OCA Circular No. 133-13

October 24, 2013


TO : The Concerned Judges
SUBJECT : Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the Case Carrying Capacity of Lower Court Judges on October 29, 2013 at Great Eastern Hotel, 1403 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

The Supreme Court, with the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), thru the Asia foundation, is conducting a study of the case carrying capacity of Lower Court judges. This study will enable the Supreme Court to assess the needs of courts and judges based on judicial workloads and case complexities by establishing a reasonable caseload for them. The establishment of the reasonable caseload will provide a rational basis for the determination of: (1) how many courts and judge positions are needed in order to ensure efficiency and timeliness of court operations and outputs; (2) where courts are needed; (3) how many cases judges should be expected to handle annually; and (4) establish timeliness for different types of cases.

In connection therewith, the following judges are hereby authorized to attend the said focus group discussion on OFFICIAL TIME/OFFICIAL BUSINESS, chargeable to local funds, if authorized and available, provided their court calendars are properly managed and the parties notified in advance of any cancelled hearing:

1. Hon. Gina M. Bibat-Palamos RTC, Branch 64, Makati City
2. Hon. Elvira De Castro Panganiban RTC, Branch 227, Quezon City
3. Hon. Joy N. Casihan-Dumlao RTC, Branch 262, Pasig City
4. Hon. Maximo M. De Leon RTC, Branch 143, Makati City
5. Hon. Ma. Rosario B. Ragasa RTC, Branch 108, Pasay City
6. Hon. Winlove M. Dumayas RTC, Branch 59, Makati City
7. Hon. Remigio M. Escalada, Jr. RTC, Branch 123, Caloocan City
8. Hon. Ofelia L. Calo RTC, Branch 211, Mandaluyong City
9. Hon. Marie Grace Javier Ibay RTC, Branch 194, Para aque City
10. Hon. Cecilyn B. Villavert RTC, Branch 89, Quezon City
11. Hon. Maria Rowena San Pedro RTC, Branch 158, Pasig City
12. Hon. Raymundo G. Vallega RTC, Branch 130, Caloocan City
13. Hon. Rommel O. Baybay RTC, Branch 132, Makati City
14. Hon. Andres B. Soriano RTC, Branch 148, Makati City
15. Hon. Silverio Q. Castillo RTC, Branch 48, Manila
16. Hon. Armando A. Yanga RTC, Branch 173, Manila
17. Hon. Brigido Artemon M. Luna II RTC, Branch 196, Para aque City
18. Hon. Lorifel Lacap Pahimna RTC, Branch 69, Pasig City
19. Hon. Angelene Mary Quimpo Sale RTC, Branch 106, Quezon City
20. Hon. Lilia Mercedes Encarnacion A. Gepty RTC, Branch 75, Valenzuela City
21. Hon. Gloria B. Aglugub (APJ) RTC, Branch 22, Imus City, Cavite
22. Hon. Adolfo V. Encomienda RTC, Branch 57, Lucena City
23. Hon. Gina F. Cenit Escoto RTC, Branch 78, Morong, Rizal
24. Hon. Dennis R. Pastrana RTC, Branch 56, Lucena City
25. Hon. Aurelio G. Icasiano, Jr. RTC, Branch 23, Trece Martires City
26. Hon. Norberto J. Quisumbing, Jr. RTC, Branch 21, Imus City, Cavite
27. Hon. Manuel C. Luna, Jr. RTC, Branch 39, Calapan City
28. Hon. Carolina De Jesus Esguerra MeTC, Branch 14, Manila
29. Hon. Phoeve C. Meer MeTC, Branch 17, Manila
30. Hon. Maria Zoraida Z. Tuazon MeTC, Branch 23, Manila
31. Hon. Juris S. Dilinila-Callanta MeTC, Branch 42, Quezon City
32. Hon. Glenn D. Santos (APJ) MeTC, Branch 47, Pasay City
33. Hon. Flordeliza Mallorca Silao MeTC, Branch 59, Mandaluyong City
34. Hon. Marianito C. Santos MeTC, Branch 57, San Juan City
35. Hon. Ramsey Domingo G. Pichay MeTC, Branch 78, Para aque City
36. Hon. Augustus C. Diaz MeTC, Branch 37, Quezon City
37. Hon. Barbara Aleli Briones MeTC, Branch 61, Makati City
38. Hon. Yolanda Marasigan Leonardo MeTC, Branch 9, Manila
39. Hon. Jackie B. Crisologo-Saguisag MeTC, Branch 67, Makati City
40. Hon. Marina B. Gaerlan-Mejorada MeTC, Branch 70, Pasig City
41. Hon. Allan B. Ariola MeTC, Branch 48, Pasay City
42. Hon. Marlo B. Campanilla MeTC, Branch 83, Caloocan City
43. Hon. Lady Rochelle S. Saymo-Llabres MeTC, Branch 50, Caloocan City
44. Hon. Alma Crispina C. Lacorte MeTC, Branch 51, Caloocan City
45. Hon. Lourdes Grace Barrientos-Sasondoncillo MeTC, Branch 86, Caloocan City
46. Hon. Henry E. Laron MeTC, Branch 65, Makati City
47. Hon. Marcos C. Diasen, Jr. (APJ) MeTC, Branch 66, Makati City
48. Hon. Ma. Ofelia Contreras-Soriano MeTC, Branch 55, Malabon City
49. Hon. Juan O. Bermejo, Jr. MeTC, Branch 3, Manila
50. Hon. Manuel R. Recto MeTC, Branch 13, Manila
51. Hon. Ana Teresa T. Cornejo-Tomacruz MeTC, Branch 21, Manila
52. Hon. Jorge Emmanuel M. Lorredo MeTC, Branch 26, Manila
53. Hon. Suzanne Cobarrubias Nabaza MeTC, Branch 93, Marikina City
54. Hon. Restituto V. Mangalindan, Jr. MeTC, Branch 46, Pasay City
55. Hon. Janet Abergos Samar MeTC, Branch 32, Quezon City
56. Hon. Josephus Joanes H. Asis MeTC, Branch 40, Quezon City
57. Hon. Ana Marie T. Mas (APJ) MeTC, Branch 43, Quezon City
58. Hon. Ronaldo B. Reyes MeTC, Branch 58, San Juan City
59. Hon. Teresita Lacandula-Rodriguez MeTC, Branch 81, Valenzuela City
60. Hon. Rean G. Arizala-Joaquin MTCC, Branch 3, San Pablo City
61. Hon. Maria Concepcion M. Serrano-Altea MTCC, Bi an City
62. Hon. Maria Christine Isabel Z. MTCC, Branch 2, San Pablo City
63. Hon. Ira Fritzie C. Cruz-Rojo MTCC, Branch 3, Antipolo City
64. Hon. Elenita C. Dimaguila MTCC, Branch 4, Antipolo City
65. Hon. Manolo A. Brotonel MTCC, Calapan City
66. Hon. Felix A. Caraos MTC, Candelaria, Quezon
67. Hon. Edwina M. Perez MTC, San Antonio, Quezon
68. Hon. Elizabeth S. Mata MTC, Gumaca, Quezon
69. Hon. Katherine C. Jambaro-Altubar MTC, Angono, Rizal
70. Hon. Lydia A. Pe MTC, Narra, Palawan
71. Hon. Josephine C. Garcia-Borbon MTC, Bauan, Batangas
72. Hon. Ireneo B. Molato MTC, Bongabon, Mindoro Oriental
73. Hon. Perla Polintang Huerto MCTC, Taysan-Lobo, Batangas
74. Hon. Mitushealla M. Casi o MCTC, Pangil-Paete-Pakil, Laguna
75. Hon. Alberto L. Vizcocho MCTC, Infanta-Gen. Nakar, Quezon
76. Hon. Cornelio A. Sy (APJ) MCTC, Magsaysay-Rizal-Calintaan,
Mindoro Occidental
77. Hon. Norferio B. Nono MCTC, Aborlan-Kalayaan, Palawan
78. Hon. Emmanuel Q. Artazo (APJ) MCTC, Araceli-Dumaran, Palawan

The Asia Foundation will provide meals and accommodation during the event and properly documented transportation expenses will be reimbursed.

For strict compliance. DAESTI

Issued this 24th day of October 2013.

Court Administrator