Guidelines in the Implementation of the Automated Payroll System
OCA Circular No. 153-06

November 14, 2006


TO : All Judges and Court Personnel Regional Trial Court and Metropolitan Trial Court National Capital Judicial Region
SUBJECT : Guidelines in the Implementation of the Automated Payroll System (APS)

The Court En Banc in its Resolution dated September 26, 2006 APPROVED the Memorandum of Agreement entered into by the Land Bank of the Philippines and the Supreme Court of the Philippines relative to the ATM Payroll System of Judges and Personnel of the Lower Court.

The following guidelines shall be adopted in the implementation of the Automated Payroll System (APS):

1. The APS shall initially be adopted in the National Capital Judicial Region. It shall apply to all judges and personnel of the Metropolitan Trial Court and Regional Trial Court in the National Capital Judicial Region.

2. The APS shall cover the bi-monthly payroll, monthly Representation and Transportation Allowance (RATA), monthly Extraordinary and Miscellaneous Allowance, Judiciary Development Fund (JDF) Allowance, Special Allowance for the Judiciary (SAJ) Allowance and other allowances that may be released.

3. Judges and court personnel in the National Capital Judicial Region shall open with the Land Bank Branch nearest their official stations or residences an ATM Payroll Savings Account. After opening, the OCC-Clerk of Court and/or the Branch Clerk of Court shall furnish the Office of Administrative Services, Office of the Court Administrator (OAS-OCA), per OCC or per branch, the ATM Payroll Savings Account Number of the lower court personnel on or before December 31, 2006 for inclusion in the APS Masterlist. Judges and other court personnel who already have their existing ATM Payroll Savings Account number need not open anew.

4. The ATM Savings Account to be opened shall be subject to the initial opening and maintaining balance of P100.00 and minimum balance requirement of P500.00 to earn interest, but subject to the presentation of two (2) valid identification cards (IDs), one of which is the Supreme Court ID. cEaDTA

5. Payroll credit date for the regular payroll shall be every 10th and 25th day of the month. Payroll credit date for the RATA shall be every 7th day of the month while the payroll credits date for the Extraordinary and Miscellaneous Allowance shall be every 7th day of the next following month. The payroll credit date abovementioned shall however be pursuant to the release of the cash allocation from the Department of Budget and Management. Payroll credit date for the JDF Allowance, SAJ Allowance and other allowances shall be announced and as authorized by the Supreme Court. If said date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, crediting shall be on a Friday or the day before the holiday.

6. Bank statement of the ATM Payroll Account of each court personnel shall be released every quarter either by pick-up or mail delivery as chosen by the Judge or court personnel upon opening of the ATM Payroll Account.

7. The ATM Payroll accounts shall be subject to the service charges imposed by the Expressnet/Megalink member banks on the usage of their ATMs or those that may be imposed in the future.

8. In case of dismissal, resignation, compulsory or optional retirement, transfer, permanent incapacity or death of the Judge or court personnel already covered by the APS, the Office of Administrative Services, OCA, shall inform the Land Bank and the Financial Management Office, OCA within two (2) banking days from the date of effectivity or knowledge of such occurrence, as the case may be. Thereafter, the Finance Division, Financial Management Office, OCA, shall exclude the names of the concerned Judge or court personnel in the payroll.

9. The APS shall commence on February 01, 2007.

10. Failure on the part of the Judges and court personnel to comply with the above provisions shall warrant the withholding of their salaries and allowances.


Court Administrator