Guidelines on the Construction of Barangay Roads and Bridges
Letter of Instructions No. 756

October 26, 1978


TO : The Minister of Public Highways
The Minister of Local Government and Community Development
The Minister of National Economics and Dev. Authority
The Chief, Presidential Management Staff
The Chairman, Commission on Audit
The Provincial Governor
And All Others Concerned

In view of the near completion of the construction of the main arteries of transportation, the major thrust of the infrastructure program of the government has now shifted to the construction of barangay roads and bridges. aisa dc

In order therefore, to facilitate and expedite construction of barangay roads and bridges for the benefit and welfare of the farmers and people in the rural areas, the present GUIDELINES for the construction of barangay roads and bridges is hereby revised to include MONITORING AND SUPERVISING TEAMS to be composed as follows:

(a) National Level
Representative of the Presidential Mgt. Staff Chairman
Assistant Minister MLGCD Member
Director, Bureau of Barangay Roads, MPH Member
(b) Regional Level
MPH Regional Director Chairman
NEDA Regional Director Member
MLGCD Regional Director Member
COA Regional Director Member
(c) Provincial/District/City Levels
Prov. Governor/City Mayor or his Representative
who is a member of the Sangguniang
Panlalawigan/Panlungsod Chairman
The Highway District Engineer Member
The Highway Auditor casia

These teams and the members thereof shall perform the functions and duties enumerated in the approved REVISED GUIDELINES for the construction of barangay roads and bridges hereto attached.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 26th day of October, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Eight.


Republic of the Philippines
Ministry of Public Highways

October 25, 1978

Revised Guidelines for the Construction of the Barangay Roads and Bridges

I. The present set-up or work flow on Barangay Roads will continue in accordance with the guidelines implementing PD 702 as follows:

(a) Barangay Captain identifies possible Barangay Roads projects. This is done in coordination with the Highway District/City Engineer. cdtai

(b) Barangay Captain brings project identified to Barangay Council for a resolution.

(c) Barangay Council approves project identified in Barangay Council Resolution.

(d) Barangay Captain submits identified project to the ABC President of the Panlungsod/Pambayang Katipunan ng mga Barangay.

(e) Municipal ABC President prepares a list of proposals submitted in the order of priorities. This is done in consultation with the city/municipal mayor, CDO/MDO and District/City Eng'r.

(f) Municipal ABC President forwards list of proposals to the President of the Panlalawigang Katipunan ng mga Barangay.

(g) The Municipal Selection Committee determines the top and secondary priority projects.

(h) The Provincial Selection Committee forwards list of projects to the National Selection Committee.

(i) The National Selection Committee reviews list of projects submitted and selects and approves priority projects.

(j) After projects has been finally selected and determined the District/City Engineer, upon advise from the Minister of Public Highways, thru the Director of the Bureau of Barangay Roads, shall prepare the corresponding program of work and submit the same, together with its cost estimates, to the Minister of Local Government and Community Development thru the Minister of Public Highways.

(k) When the funds are made available to the Ministry the corresponding checks are prepared and released to the respective Municipal or City Treasurers thru the Regional Directors and Highway District/City Engineers concerned.

(l) The Barangay Council in coordination with the Highway District Engineer/City Engineer undertakes the work within the Barangay Area in accordance with the Program of Work duly approved by the respective Highway/City Engineer.

(m) Disbursements are made by the Barangay Captain and approved by the HDE/CE before payment by the Municipal Treasurer. cd i

The Selection Committees are:

1. Municipal Selection Committee

a. Municipal/City Mayor

b. City Engineer

c. Mun. Dev./City Dev. Officer

d. Municipal ABC President

2. Provincial Selection Committee cda

a. Provincial Governor

b. Highway District/City Engineer

c. Provincial Development Officer

d. Provincial ABC President

3. National Selection Committee

a. Minister MPH

b. Minister MLGCD

c. President, Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Barangay (PKB)

d. NEDA Minister sits with the Committee in Consultative Capacity.

II. INNOVATION In addition to the above procedure (as practiced presently) the following innovation is introduced to effect a system that would enhance better performance by the Barangays and generate more accomplishment in a shorter time:

1. An overall program is made corresponding to the total fund appropriated and made available for one Calendar year.

(a) The program shall be prioritize into four (4) quarters representing 25% of the total. cdtai

(b) An initial sum equivalent to 25% of the overall program shall be released for the 1st quarter to allow work to commence immediately. aisa dc

(c) After the initial release of 25%, succeeding quarterly releases shall be made available on a "replenishment" basis, the amount of which shall be evaluated and determined by the monitoring and supervising teams through the issuance of an accomplishment certificate.

2. The Accomplishment Certificate shall contain the following information:

(a) Name, extent and location of project

(b) Cost and quantities accomplished

(c) Quality of Work and Time duration

(d) Amount recommended for replenishment

(e) Other pertinent data

3. The monitoring and supervising teams shall be:

(a) National Level shall meet at least once every quarter to assess and evaluate the certificates of accomplishment issued by the Regional teams and recommend to the President thru the Minister of Public Highways the amount to be released for the succeeding quarter.

It shall be composed of:

Representative of the Presidential Management Staff Chairman

Assistant Minister MLGCD Member

Director Bureau of Barangay Roads MPH Member cd

(b) Regional Level shall meet at least once a month to undertake site investigation/assessment and/or check and review the progress reports as submitted by the Provincial teams: casia

It shall be composed of:

MPH Regional Director Chairman

NEDA Regional Director Member

MLGCD Regional Director Member

COA Regional Director Member

(c) Provincial/District/City Level shall meet as often as necessary to supervise the project and appraise the progress for reporting to the Regional Team. The Provincial/District/City Team may establish priorities in accordance with the list submitted by the Selection Committee. Furthermore, it may authorize/approve realignments or changes or revisions provided it is within the same barangay, and that the Regional Team shall be duly informed.

It shall be composed of:

Governor/City Mayor or his Representative who is a
member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan/Panlungsod Chairman

The Highway District Engineers Member

Representative of the MLGCD Member

The Highway Auditor Member

4. Fund Releases Accomplishment and/or performance will be the basis for succeeding releases of funds. The National Team shall make its recommendation to the President through the Minister of Public Highways as to the amount to be released for each following quarter. Such release will be implemented in accordance with the overall program.

In the event that the programmed targets for the calendar year is not met, the uncompleted portion will spill through the next year's program. This of course will apply only to Provinces that fail to achieve their programmed targets.

5. Barangay Equipment when used exclusively for Barangay Projects shall be free of rental. Its operational cost (fuel, oils, operator's wages, etc.) shall be on the direct account of the Project engaged. It will be the duty of the Highway District/City Engineer to schedule the use of the equipment for the different barangay projects in his area. In the management and control by the Highway District/City Engineer of the Barangay Equipment, he will be authorized to retain 5% of each project programmed to constitute a revolving fund for the replacement of tires, batteries, spare parts for repairs, servicing, etc. The amount to be retained shall be used exclusively for the purpose of maintaining the Barangay Equipment. Expenditures on this fund shall be approved by the HDE/CE and noted by the Chairman of the Provincial Team. acd

All expenditures on the funds retained shall be reported to the Regional Team which in turn forwards a consolidated report of expenditures to the National Team.


The theory of replenishing the initial allotment of funds, after having expended it for the purpose it is intended, will provide the necessary incentive on the part of the Barangays to perform efficiently and effectively. This is so, because they are assured of subsequent fund replenishments as soon as their projects have progressed satisfactorily. (In this event, it is absolutely necessary that the funds are released promptly whenever the certificate of accomplishment are submitted and verified to prove to the Barangays that the Central Office will also meet their part of the scheme.) cdt