Guidelines on the Departure of Filipino Au Pairs to Europe

February 20, 2012


WHEREAS, to facilitate the departure of au pairs bound for Europe and at the same time provide them safety nets and protection without restricting their opportunities for self-improvement, the following Guidelines shall henceforth govern the au pair scheme: TCaAHI

I. Coverage

This Circular shall apply to Filipino citizens leaving the Philippines as au pairs bound for Europe.

II. Definition of Terms

For purposes of these guidelines, the following terms shall mean:

a. Au pair The term used to describe a young Filipino citizen, between 18 and 30 years of age, unmarried and without any children, placed under a cultural exchange arrangement with a European host family for a maximum stay of two (2) years, unless otherwise allowed by host countries. HSaIDc

b. Au pair scheme Under this scheme, the au pair is placed in an immersion program in cultural and language learning in the specific European country of destination. He/She shall live with the host family at par (au pair) or on an equal basis with the immediate members of the host family, shall be given pocket money, share in child care, light household chores and responsibilities previously agreed upon in an au pair placement contract between the au pair and the host family.

c. Host family Shall refer to the family that the au pair will be living with for the duration of the au pair contract. Diplomats and other similarly situated persons are disqualified from being considered under this scheme.

III. Documentation of Au Pairs

Filipino au pairs bound for Europe shall present to the Immigration Officer at the port of exit the following documents: CITDES

A. Pre-Departure Requirements

1. Contract of engagement or letter of undertaking to engage signed by the au pair and the head of the host family duly authenticated/notarized by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the European country of destination.

2. Copy of a valid passport with valid au pair visa or its equivalent to the destination country.

3. After the issuance of the visa by the respective diplomatic post, the au pair shall be asked to attend a country familiarization seminar (CFS) to be conducted by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) which will then issue a CFS sticker affixed on the passport. A minimal fee, which shall be determined by the CFO, shall be charged for attending the CFS. DTSaIc

B. Post-Arrival Requirements in the Country of Destination

Upon arrival in the specific European country of destination, au pairs shall register themselves at the relevant Philippine Embassy/Consulate. Each Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the specific European country of destination shall maintain a database of au pairs in their jurisdiction for monitoring purposes.

IV. Cost of Selection

The host family shall shoulder all travel costs related to the sponsoring of the Filipino au pair. This includes cost of visa, CFS sticker, and air fare. The au pair shall be responsible for the cost of the passport, medical examination, and other similar documentation costs not shouldered by the host family. CScTDE

The CFS sticker from CFO entitles the au pair to exemptions from Philippine travel tax and airport terminal fee.

V. Minimum Provision in the Standard Contract for Au Pairs

The contract of the Filipino au pair shall be as prescribed by the government of the European country of destination and shall include a provision that in the event of death of the au pair during the term of his/her contract, the repatriation of his/her remains and transport of his/her personal belongings and all costs attendant thereto shall be shouldered by the host family. The host family may secure repatriation insurance for this purpose.

In case the repatriation of remains is not possible, the same may be disposed of upon prior approval of the au pair's next of kin.

In the event that the au pair becomes ill or injured to the extent that he/she can no longer fulfill his/her contract and after proper medical assistance have been provided him/her, the cost of his/her repatriation to the Philippines and all costs attendant thereto shall be at the expense of the host family. The host family may secure repatriation insurance for this purpose. CcAITa

VI. Applicability

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) shall be the lead agency responsible for the formulation of policies and implementation of the Guidelines on the departure of au pairs to Europe. The Bureau of Immigration and CFO will assist the DFA in the implementation of these Guidelines.

Each Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the specific European country of destination may propose additions to these guidelines to suit the peculiarities of the au pair system in their respective jurisdictions. Amended guidelines by Foreign Service Posts shall be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs for its approval.

VII. Repealing Clause

All rules and regulations or parts thereof contrary or inconsistent with these Guidelines are hereby repealed or modified accordingly. aEHADT

Assistant Secretary
Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Education

Commission on Filipinos Overseas

Bureau of Immigration

Published in The Manila Times on March 1, 2012.