Implementation of Plan of Action for the Decade of Disabled Persons
Letter of Instructions No. 1345

July 20, 1983


TO : All Ministries and Heads of Bureaus, Offices, Agencies and Instrumentalities of the Government, as well as Heads of Local Governments
SUBJECT : Implementation of the Plan of Action for the Decade of Disabled Persons

WHEREAS, by virtue of

WHEREAS, a National Plan of Action for the Decade of Disabled Persons and a Five-Year Plan on Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation have been evolved to enunciate the government's priorities and efforts directed towards disability prevention, rehabilitation and equalization of opportunities for disabled persons;

WHEREAS, the guiding goals and objectives of the Decade Plan recognize the constraints within which they have to be implemented but likewise consider the capabilities of ministries/agencies to modify their programs to consider priorities under said Plan without deviating from their own determined goals;

WHEREAS, the effective implementation of the overall Plan is based on the integrated and coordinated utilization of scarce resources of both government and non-government organizations and the strengthening of coordinative linkages in the establishment and/or expansion of support services and programs.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, do hereby order and instruct all heads of ministries, bureaus, offices, agencies and instrumentalities of the government, including the heads of local governments, to implement the National Plan of Action for the Decade of Disabled Persons, and where action has already been initiated, to further strengthen the program and ensure the attainment of the objectives, strategies and thrusts under the Plan. Towards this end, the following guidelines are hereby set:

(1) The National Commission Concerning Disabled Persons, as the central authority to direct, coordinate and integrate all programs/projects and activities on disability prevention and rehabilitation, shall monitor and evaluate the Plan implementation by identifying, monitoring and evaluating policies, measures and projects initiated, strengthened and expanded in support of the Plan during the Decade; CAIHTE

(2) Heads of ministries, bureaus, offices, agencies, and instrumentalities of the government, including the heads of local governments concerned with disability prevention and rehabilitation are hereby charged with the responsibility of implementing the specific strategies pertaining to their areas of concern, and shall review and realign their agency programs, projects and activities in pursuit of the objectives, strategies and priorities in the four general areas of rehabilitation determined under the Plan, with particular emphasis on the following, among others:

a. In the area of health rehabilitation

1. Prevention thru:

- primary health care

- maternal and child health care programs

- nutrition programs

- immunization campaign

- genetic counselling

- mental stimulation

- establishment of safety standards

- pollution control

- stratified intervention measures

2. Rehabilitation thru:

- community-based rehabilitation services

- decentralization of the delivery of stratified rehabilitation services

- developmental and clinical researches

- use and fabrication of technical aids utilizing indigenous resources

- massive information programs

- training of rehabilitation personnel

b. In the area of social rehabilitation

1. Counselling and assistance

2. Participation of disabled persons in all aspects of society

3. Removal of social and physical barriers

4. Information campaign to change attitudes

c. In the area of vocational rehabilitation

1. Vocational assessment and guidance

2. Vocational training

3. Campaign for open employment

4. Self-employment schemes and involvement of disabled persons in the KKK Livelihood Program

5. Establishment of sheltered workshops

d. In the area of special education

1. Identification and assessment of disabled persons with special needs

2. Integration of disabled persons in the regular schools

3. Programs adapted to the educational needs of disabled persons

4. Provision and adaption of school facilities to meet the special needs of disabled persons

5. Correspondence course for home-bound learners

6. Training of Special education and regular teachers in special education

7. Development of appropriate training materials

8. Parent and community education

9. Inclusion of disability in rehabilitation related courses

10. Strengthening of linkages

(3) The funds needed to undertake and/or expand the services and projects in line with the Decade set strategies shall be made available by the ministry, agency, bureau, office and instrumentalities of government or local governments from their respective annual budgetary resources;

(4) In order to facilitate the monitoring of the Decade Plan by the implementing ministry/agency, the NCCDP shall make available its Data Bank Information System whereby agencies shall link their own information system with the aforementioned NCCDP information network;

(5) An annual report pertaining to the implementation of the Plan of Action for Disabled Persons shall be rendered by NCCDP to the Office of the President on the basis of reports which shall be submitted by implementing agencies to NCCDP. DETACa

This Letter of Instructions shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 20th day of July, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-three.