Implementation of Programs of Special Assistance to Bus and Jeepney, and Fishing Boat Operators
Letter of Instructions No. 280

May 15, 1975


TO : The Secretary, Department of Local Government
and Community Development
The Secretary, Department of Public Works,
Transportation and Communications
The Director-General, National Economic and
Development Authority
The Chairman, Philippine National Oil Company
The Chairman, Oil Industry Commission

In line with the government's program to provide socialized price of transport fares for mass commuters, you are hereby directed to implement a program of special assistance to bus and jeepney operators as follows: aisa dc

1. The program shall cover a period of three (3) months effective immediately.

2. A special assistance of 11 centavos per liter for regular gasoline and 6.60 centavos per liter for automotive diesel fuel shall be accorded to bus and jeepney operators, small fishing boats (below 3 gross tons) which belong to duly registered fishing cooperatives, and rice and corn haulers as registered with the National Grains Authority as of the date of this LOI.

3. The Philippine National Oil Company shall design, develop and operate the system in coordination with the Barangays through the Department of Local Government and Community Development, the Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications, the Oil Industry Commission, and the oil companies operating in the Philippines, effective immediately.

4. The Director-General, NEDA, shall review and submit recommendations in connection with this special assistance and possible extension of the three month period. casia

DONE in the City of Manila, this 15th day of May, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Five.