Implementation of the Program for Forest Ecosystem Management - Forests for Livelihood
Letter of Instructions No. 1474

July 12, 1985



TO : The Minister of Natural Resources
The Minister of Human Settlements
The Minister of Agriculture and Food
The Ministries of Local Government
The Minister of Public Works and Highways
The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports
The Minister of Agrarian Reform
The Minister of the Budget
The Minister of Public Information
All Concerned

WHEREAS, the mobilization of forest resources for the social and economic progress of the nation, is a major development program of the Government;

WHEREAS, there is a pressing need to conserve and replenish our forest resources due to the alarming rate of forest destruction;

WHEREAS, it is the responsibility of the entire country, the entire citizenry, and all the officials and employees of the Government to protect, conserve and develop our natural resources;

WHEREAS, there is a need for all Barangay Captains/Councils, Municipal/City Mayors, Provincial Governors and their respective Sanggunians to actively participate in our forest renewal program;

WHEREAS, our timber resources should not only supply the requirements of wood processing industries, but also support our food, fuel, fertilizer and feed requirements;

WHEREAS, there is a need to encourage greater public participation in forestry activities;

WHEREAS, the Government recognizes that, among the less privileged sector of society, the kaingeros and other occupants of forest lands could be made effective agents of the State in food production and in the rehabilitation of forest lands;

WHEREAS, the continuing effective implementation of the Integrated Social Forestry Program involving forest resources management and forest-based livelihood development projects, will require the close cooperation and assistance of various national and local government instrumentalities; cda

WHEREAS, there is a need to revitalize PROFEM I and PROFEM II and other reforestation programs and integrate them into a workable reforestation scheme;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the

1. The National Council for Forest Ecosystem Management (NCFEM) is hereby reorganized, and its composition reconstituted as follows: The Minister of Natural Resources as ex officio Chairman; and the Ministers of Human Settlements, Agriculture and Food, Local Government, Public Works and Highways, Education, Culture and Sports, Public Information, Budget, and Agrarian Reform as ex officio members.

2. The Council shall have the following functions:

2.1 Integrate PROFEM I and PROFEM II and other reforestation activities into a program to be known as Program for Forest Ecosystem Management - Forests for Livelihood (PROFEM-FL).

2.2 Formulate rules, guidelines, regulations and policies that will maintain and enhance the country's forest ecosystem and further prevent its destruction.

2.3 Organize a National Program Office based in the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to assist the Council in planning, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of PROFEM-FL.

2.4 Formulate and define the role of each member agency as well as other agencies involved in PROFEM-FL.

2.5 Perform such other functions as may be necessary to implement this Letter of Instructions, or as may be assigned by the President of the Philippines.

3. The Council shall, whenever necessary, require the presence of the Heads of Bureaus and other government agencies not mentioned above in its meetings to assist in formulating forest ecosystem management policies, plans and programs.

4. To support the thrust of PROFEM-FL, the following guidelines are hereby issued:

4.1 The Ministry of Natural Resources thru its Bureau of Forest Development (BFD) shall:

4.1.1 Undertake intensive forest renewal activities in critical and denuded areas, prioritize areas for reforestation, afforestation and agro-forestation, indicating the boundaries thereof, the suitability of the areas, and the type of trees to be planted therein.

4.1.2 Contract, whenever possible, its regular reforestation projects and related activities to local governments on the provincial, city, municipal, and barangay levels.

4.1.3 Identify segregate and delineate areas to include idle and unproductive public forest lands, undeveloped and unutilized portions of military reservations, school sites and alienable and disposable lands for community based forestry projects in every city and municipality for the production of food, fuel, fertilizer, and feeds. cd

4.1.4 Provide technical assistance and supervision in the planning and implementation of community-based forestry projects.

4.1.5 Grant to the local government agencies and communities which undertook the reforestation of the area, priority in the harvesting and disposition of management plan to be approved and supervised by the Bureau of Forest Development (BFD), except in areas considered to be critical watersheds.

4.1.6 Provide selected provinces, cities, municipalities, and/or barangays technical and financial assistance in the establishment of seedling banks in support of PROFEM-FL and as a means of livelihood for the local communities.

4.1.7 Accelerate the issuance of Certificates of Stewardship and provide extension services to the beneficiaries to enable them to engage in more productive livelihood activities.

4.2 The Ministry of Human Settlements shall:

4.2.1 Provide the kaingero settlements the eleven basic needs.

4.2.2 Oversee the participation of the target communities in the KKK movement.

4.3 The Ministry of Agriculture and Food thru its Regional Offices shall:

4.3.1 Provide the needed seedlings and stock requirements of agriculture crops and trees of economic value for agro-forestation.

4.3.2 Extend technical assistance on preferred crop varieties, livestock breeds, and production and planning schedules.

4.4 The Ministry of Local Government, as well as the autonomous governments in Regions IX and XII, shall call upon local governments to actively participate in PROFEM-FL.

4.5 The Ministry of Public Works and Highways shall accelerate the construction of upland access roads and other infrastructure facilities especially in open and denuded areas to be identified under PROFEM-FL.

4.6 The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports shall:

4.6.1 Incorporate in the high school curriculum tree planting activities as a requisite for graduation in areas to be identified by the BFD. cd i

4.6.2 Incorporate in the elementary curriculum subjects related to the appreciation of forests and forest ecosystems, as well as the preservation and conservation of natural resources.

4.7 The Ministry of Agrarian Reform shall help organize, manage, and maintain viable family-sized agro-forest landholdings and assist in the identifying suitable kaingin areas for settlement.

4.8 The Ministry of the Budget shall:

4.8.1 Allow the MNR thru the BFD to use for contractual reforestation all appropriations for reforestation and integrated social forestry projects, in addition to the existing contractual reforestation appropriations.

4.8.2 Set aside a portion of the forest charges and export taxes on logs and wood products being levied by Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) annually to a REFORESTATION FUND to be administered by the MNR to be used to support the overall reforestation efforts, including but not limited to, financing the development of viable community-based forestry projects and the operational requirements of the National Program Office.

4.8.3 Allow the MNR to create positions for additional personnel to ensure an effective and successful implementation of PROFEM-FL.

4.8.4 Ensure the timely release of funds earmarked for reforestation projects and other activities supportive of PROFEM-FL.

4.9 The Ministry of Public Information thru the Office of Media Affairs shall develop and conduct public information to programs pertaining to forest ecosystems to create general public awareness as to the value of forests for ecological reasons and as a source of livelihood.

5. The Council shall call upon other government agencies entities to undertake the following activities in support of PROFEM-FL:

5.1 The National Irrigation Administration and the National Power Corporation for the reforestation of the immediate vicinity of reservoirs under their respective jurisdictions.

5.2 The Development Bank of the Philippines, the Philippine National Bank, the Land Bank of the Philippines and other government financial institutions to develop appropriate financing programs in support of tree farm leases, agro-forestry leases and integrated social forestry projects.

6. The Ministry of Natural Resources being primarily responsible for the implementation of PROFEM-FL shall call upon the other agencies instructed herein to coordinate their respective activities with the Council and to render such assistance as may be necessary to carry out these instructions.

7. The Ministries and Offices tasked with the implementation of PROFEM-FL are hereby authorized to use any of their respective lump sum appropriation for the purpose stated herein in accordance with Section 40 of

8. All provisions of other Letters of Instructions and issuances inconsistent with this Letter of Instructions are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

9. This Letter of Instructions shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 12th day of July, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five.