Implementing Rules and Regulations of the P16 Million Fund Provided for State Universities and Colleges Under R.A. 8760
CHED Memorandum Order No. 018-00

June 22, 2000


TO : All Concerned
SUBJECT : Implementing Rules and Regulations of the P16 Million Fund Provided for State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) Authorized Under R.A. 8760, General Appropriations Act (GAA), FY 2000 for the Upgrading of Information Technology Centers

In accordance with the pertinent provision of "Upgrading of Information Technology (IT) Centers of Selected State Universities and Colleges (SUCs)". Consequently, all concerned are hereby informed, enjoined and directed, thus:

I. Background/Rationale

The SUCs have a major responsibility for human development in the country. However, the SUCs cannot be effective much less globally competitive, if they are not users of technologies, especially computers and other information technologies. In 1996, ninety-seven SUCs benefited from the Computerization Program which provided each SUC a complete local area network environment for students and faculty members training programs. In 1997, each SUC was given an amount of P413,265.31 for access to Internet. However, upgrading these facilities is not easy for the SUCs due to limited allocation. Thus, Senator Teresa Aquino-Oreta initiated the inclusion of P16.0 million in the CHED's CY 2000 budget for the upgrading of IT centers of selected SUCs.

II. Coverage

The amount of P16 million authorized under the CHED FY 2000 budget shall be equally divided among the following SUCs as identified by the Office of Senator Teresa Aquino-Oreta: cEISAD

Region Name/Address for SUC President
I Pangasinan State University Dr. Rodolfo Asanion
Lingayen, Pangasinan
II Cagayan State University Dr. Armando Cortez
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
III Central Luzon State University Dr. Rodolfo Undan
Mu oz, Nueva Ecija
III Bulacan State University Dr. Rosario Pimentel
Malolos, Bulacan
IV Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Dr. Ernesto de Chavez
Science and Technology
Batangas City
V Bicol University Dr. Emiliano Aberin
Legazpi City
VI West Visayas State University Dr. Lourdes Aranador
Iloilo City
VII Central Visayas Polytechnic College Dr. Henry Sojor
Dumaguete City
VIII Leyte Institute of Technology Dr. Gregorio T. Dela Rosa
Tacloban City
IX Western Mindanao State University Dr. Eldigario Gonzales
Zamboanga City
X Mindanao Polytechnic State College Dr. Montano Salvador
Cagayan de Oro City
XI University of Southeastern Philippines Dr. Edmundo Prantilla
Davao City
XII Mindanao State University Dr. Camar Umpa
Marawi City
NCR Philippine Normal University Atty. Lilia Garcia
Taft Avenue, Manila
CAR Benguet State University Dr. Cipriano Consolacion
La Trinidad, Benguet
CARAGA Northern Mindanao State Institute Dr. Wenceslao T. Tianero
of Science and Technology
Ampay, Butuan City

III. Utilization of the Funds

The P1.0 million allocation for each SUC shall be utilized for the procurement and establishment of IT components but not limited to the IT hardware/software requirements and peripherals to complement the 1996 and 1997 SUCs Computerization Programs.

IV. Administration of the Program

1. Commission on Higher Education Central Office (CHEDCO)

1.1 formulates the implementing guidelines for the program, in coordination with the OSTAO;

1.2 reviews and approves the Work and Financial Plan of the participating SUCs together with the OSTAO;

1.3 disburses to the participating SUCs the amount of P1.0 million each; and

1.4 collects audited reports of disbursements from SUCs for liquidation purposes.

2. Office of Senator Teresa Aquino-Oreta (OSTAO)

2.1 selects participating SUCs to implement the program;

2.2 facilitates the release of allocated amount from the Department of Budget and Management; and

2.3 monitors the implementation of the program in coordination with the CHEDCO.

3. Participating SUCs

3.1 assign IT Center Head who will manage the Center's operations;

3.2 submit to CHEDCO the work and financial plan for the program;

3.3 procure all the necessary IT components and other requirements in accordance with the work and financial plan approved by the CHEDCO, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations; and

3.4 submit all audited reports of disbursements to CHED Administrative and Financial Service (Attn: Accounting Division) not later than 60 days after receipt of the check for liquidation purposes.

IV. Effectivity

These Implementing Rules and Regulations shall take effect immediately.

For proper guidance and strict compliance of all concerned. AaSHED

Signed on 22nd day of June 2000, Pasig City, Philippines.

Commission on Higher Education