Measures Governing Water Conservation
Letter of Instructions No. 523

March 25, 1977


TO : The Acting General Manager, MWSS
The Governor and all Mayors of Metro Manila
The Director-General, Integrated National Police Force
The Commanding General, PC-METROCOM
All Heads of Government Offices and Entities
The Military Liaison Officer Detailed with MWSS
All Barangay Captains in Metro Manila

WHEREAS, during this year's dry season, the water supply in the Angat-Ipo and Novaliches Reservoirs may become critically low;

WHEREAS, it is necessary that to avert the present water shortage from reaching crisis proportions that may bring about untold hardships and difficulties to people living in Metro Manila who depend for their water supply on the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, positive steps or measures should now be taken to conserve water;

Accordingly, you are hereby ordered to implement the following directives:

1. The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System:

To speed up and intensify the repair of all leaks in its distribution systems. aisa dc

2. The Governor and Mayors of Metro Manila, Governor of Rizal, Governor of Cavite, the Director-General, Integrated National Force, the Commanding General of the PC-METROCOM:


a. watering of all lawns and gardens, both public and private, campuses, parks and/or memorial parks, median islands, etc.;

b. drawing of water from MWSS fire hydrants except for fire fighting purposes;

c. drawing of water by private persons for the purpose of selling the same, except to those authorized by the MWSS; and

d. pumping of water directly from the MWSS main lines.

3. The Governor and Mayors of Metro Manila, the Governors of Rizal and Cavite:

to extend all necessary assistance, including waiver of the requirement of city and municipal permits to all MWSS emergency crews doing excavation work in city and municipal streets for the repair of leaks.

4. The heads of government offices and entities:

to have plumbing fixtures checked in their respective offices and to cause the immediate repair and/or replacement of said fixtures if found defective and/or close the same immediately. cda

5. The General Manager of the MWSS:

to purchase directly and without public bidding, as an exemption to the provisions of Executive Order No. 298, series of 1940, as amended,

6. All Barangay Captains in Metro Manila to immediately conduct discussions (Pulong-Pulong) on water and power conservation and, together with all others concerned, to report violations of these directives to the:

a. The General Manager of the MWSS;

b. The Director-General, Integrated National Police Force;

c. The Commanding General, PC-METROCOM;

d. The Secretary of National Defense.

7. The Secretary of National Defense:

to take appropriate necessary action against any official, entity or private individual who, by act or omission, shall disobey the above instructions and directives.

8. The Director-General, Integrated National Police Force, the Commanding General of PC-METROCOM and the Military Liaison Officer detailed with MWSS are hereby deputized to enforce these instructions and directives. casia

DONE in the City of Manila, this 25th day of March, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Seven.