Measures to Curtail Air Pollution
Letter of Instructions No. 551

June 7, 1977


TO : The Commissioner, National Pollution Control Commission
The Commissioner, Land Transportation Commission
The Chief of Constabulary
All law Enforcement Agencies
All Concerned

In line with the pollution control program of the government, you are hereby directed to implement the following:

1. All public utility and government vehicles shall install anti-pollution devices within three (3) months from the effectivity of acd

2. The law enforcement agencies shall apprehend vehicles emitting visibly black smoke after the deadline, the same to be immediately grounded after the trip they had been making when apprehended so as not to inconvenience the passengers, and shall remain grounded until their deficiency shall have been corrected.

3. All privately owned vehicles shall install anti-pollution devices within one (1) year from the issuance of the Code on June 6, 1977.

Any effective anti-pollution devices in the open market shall be sufficient for the purpose. aisa dc

4. Factories that are nuisances per se due to noise, or the discharging of effluents into rivers and bodies of water, or oppressive odor caused by their wastes or by-products shall within one month submit to the National Pollution Control Commission plans for the installation of effective anti-pollution devices.

5. These factories shall be listed by the NPCC and the list shall be submitted to the President within one month.

6. Within one month after submission of the list by the NPCC, the factories shall be closed unless they are able to obtain from the NPCC a certification that they have installed an adequate anti-pollution device demonstrated in actual examination to have abated the noise, effluent discharge or oppressive odor constituting the nuisance.

7. All citizens are urged to report to the NPCC vehicles, factories and sites which are nuisances per se (that is, on account of their emitting visibly black smoke, creating noise, discharging effluents, or yielding oppressive odor and having no anti-pollution device to eliminate these undesirable characteristics). The NPCC is hereby directed to take immediate action on the reports in keeping with the aims of the government's anti-pollution policy. cdtai

DONE in the City of Manila, this 7th day of June, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Seven.