Modification of OCA Circular No. 175-2009 Dated December 18, 2009
OCA Circular No. 42-14

March 20, 2014


TO : All Judges and Clerks of Court of the First and Second Level Courts
SUBJECT : Modification of OCA Circular No. 175-2009 Dated December 18, 2009

The Philippine Judicial Academy (PHILJA), through its Chancellor, Honorable Adolfo S. Azcuna, has requested this Office that PHILJA through the Research, Publication and Linkages Office be excluded from the list of offices to be furnished with copies of monthly reports on the status of cases involving Indigenous Cultural Communities and Indigenous Peoples on or before the tenth day of every month, as required of all judges and clerks of court of the trial courts under OCA Circular No. 175-2009 dated December 18, 2009 (Submission of Monthly Report on the Status of Cases Involving Indigenous Cultural Communities ICCs and Indigenous Peoples IPs). This is in support of the judiciary's policies not only on the proper observance of the efficient use of proper rule but also the conservation of resources by cutting the judicial system's use of excessive quantities of costly paper, among others.

Henceforth, all concerned are hereby DIRECTED to DISCONTINUE providing the PHILJA through its Research, Publication and Linkages Office, with the above-mentioned monthly reports effective April 2014. Instead all judges and clerks of court shall MAINTAIN only the submission of the reports to this Office through the Court Management Office (CMO) pursuant to the aforesaid OCA Circular No. 175-2009, either by the usual registered mail or through its email

This Circular modifies OCA Circular No. 175-2009 only with respect to the discontinuance of furnishing the PHILJA with copies of the monthly reports and the modes of their submission to the CMO as stated above.

Strict compliance is enjoined.

Court Administrator