Participation of Junior Executives in Government in Relief and Rehabilitation Operations
Letter of Instructions No. 453

August 26, 1976


TO : The Secretary, Department of Social Welfare
All Heads of Departments
The Chairman, National Disaster Control Center
The Chairman, Civil Service Commission

In the past years, typhoons, floods and other natural disasters have wrought heavy toll on human lives, great destructions to properties and crops. The speedy recovery of the disaster victims from their losses and their rehabilitation to normalcy is a testimonial to the Filipino people's resiliency and determination to rise above personal losses and also to the efficacy of government in coping with national emergencies and their aftermath.

We have observed, however, that while government may have adequate material resources for massive disaster relief operations, there is often a lack of well-coordinated manpower resources to be harnessed to maximum advantage. It is therefore imperative that henceforth, massive relief and rehabilitation operations should be the concern of all employees of the national government.

To systematize the operations, Junior Executives in Government, particularly those who have completed or are still undergoing the Junior Executives Training (JET) course of the Civil Service Commission, and who had earlier expressed their readiness and willingness to assist in disaster operations shall composed the first team that will assist in massive relief and rehabilitation operations. For maximum effectivity all are required to undergo a disaster preparedness and control training workshop.

The Department of Social Welfare will coordinate this effort in collaboration with the National Disaster Control Center, the Civil Service Commission and the Junior Executive Officers' (JESO) Guild. acd

All heads of Departments and agencies of the national government are hereby directed to fully support this effort by allowing their Junior Executives to assist whenever and wherever necessary, to attend disaster preparedness workshops to be conducted by the DSW and the JESO Guild and by making available the necessary facilities and resources.

We call on all concerned citizens to support this effort to help avert great loss of lives and property during calamities.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 26th day of August, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Six. aisa dc