Prohibition Against Solicitation for Contributions by Court Personnel
OCA Circular No. 47-11

April 1, 2011


TO : All Judges and Court Personnel of the First and Second Level Courts
SUBJECT : Prohibition Against Solicitation for Contributions by Court Personnel

Reports had reached this Court that despite prohibition, solicitations for contributions/donations by court personnel from lawyers and litigants remain rampant.

Accordingly, all court personnel of the first and second level courts are hereby REMINDED to strictly observe the mandate of (a) Section 2, Canon I and Section 2 (e), Canon III of

"xxx xxx xxx

Henceforth, all personnel of the lower courts under the administrative supervision of the Office of the Court Administrator are strictly enjoined from making any form of solicitation for contributions as it is strictly prohibited by law. (emphasis supplied)

Consequently, all those found soliciting for and/or receiving contributions, in cash or in kind, from any person, whether or not a litigant or lawyer, will be dealt with severely in accordance with the sanctions prescribed by law."

Further, all court personnel are reminded that committing improper solicitation is an offense which merit a grave penalty. Under Section 52 (A) (11) of Rule IV of thedismissal is the penalty for improper solicitation at the first offense. Section 58 (a) of the same Rule provides that the penalty of dismissal shall carry with it the cancellation of eligibility, forfeiture of retirement benefits, and perpetual disqualification of reemployment in the government service, unless otherwise provided in the decision. aEcSIH

Court Administrator