Prohibition Against Use of Asbestos in Lining the Connecting Ducts of Air-Conditioning Units
Letter of Instructions No. 1279

November 25, 1982


TO : The Minister of Human Settlements
The Minister of Public Works and Highways
The Minister of Trade and Industry
The Minister of Health
The Minister of Local Government
The Director-General, National Science and
Technology Authority
The Administrator, General Services

Over the past several months there has been increasing concern over indications from medical and scientific research that some relationship exists between cancer and sustained physical contact of the human body with asbestos. The evidence that has become available so far shows, for instance, that asbestos fiber inhaled and deposited in the lungs is definitely carcinogenic. cda

In view of such positive danger to the population, I hereby order that all establishments and enterprises installing airconditioning units shall refrain, or be prevented, from using asbestos to line the connecting ducts for such airconditioning units.

I also order that all buildings in which airconditioning units have been installed be immediately and thoroughly inspected to find out if asbestos fiber has been used as described above. In every case where asbestos is so used, the asbestos pipe and fiber shall be removed and replaced with other materials.

The Minister of Health and the Director General of the National Science and Technology Authority are hereby further ordered to determine the proper materials that could be safely used to serve in place of asbestos fiber for the same purpose stated above. cd