Prohibition on the Importation of Neotogen or Magic Sugar (Sodium Cyclamate)
Customs Memorandum

March 16, 2010


TO : All Deputy Commissioners
All Directors and Chiefs
All District/Port Collectors
All Division/Section/Unit Chiefs
All Others Concerned
SUBJECT : Prohibition on the Importation of Neotogen or Magic Sugar (Sodium Cyclamate)

Customs Memorandum Circular No. 459-2004 dated December 21, 2004, copy of which is hereto attached for your reference, covering the Prohibition on the Importation of NEOTOGEN or Magic Sugar (Sodium Cyclamate), is hereby reiterated.

Attention is invited to BFAD Advisory No. 00-05, issued on August 7, 2000, particularly to the information which states:

". . . the use of Neotogen or Magic Sugar as a food sweetener is prohibited due to evidence of its carcinogenicity to animals.

Neotogen or Magic Sugar is not registered with the Bureau of Food and Drugs. As such, the importation, distribution or sale of the product is illegal and is subject to the sanctions and penalties stipulated in Republic Act 3720, the "Foods, Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics Act. . . ." HCaEAT

Attention is further invited to the following information on how to identify the product Sodium Cyclamate, as submitted by the Philippine Sugar Millers Association (PSMA) in their letter dated December 7, 2004:

"It is labeled as Neotogen 100% (S. Cyclamate 99%) with Gold Bell Brand by the P.T. Wihadil Chemical Industry of Indonesia as Magic Sugar. The product is of free-flowing crystalline substance, similar to the appearance of monosodium glutamate and packed in small sachets."

For strict compliance to the BFAD Advisory.