Re: [2015] Procurement Plan for the Supreme Court and the Lower Courts
A.M. No. 10-1-10-SC

April 7, 2015


A.M. No. 10-1-10-SC


Sirs/Mesdames :

Please take notice that the Court en banc issued a Resolution dated April 7, 2015, which reads as follows:

"A.M. No. 10-1-10-SC (Re: 2015 Procurement Plan for the Supreme Court and the Lower Courts). The Court Resolved, upon the recommendation of the Procurement Planning Committee, to APPROVE the 2015 Annual Procurement Plan (APP) for the Supreme Court and the Lower Courts. No additional procurement shall be undertaken unless coursed through the PPC for consideration and appropriate action.

The PPC shall do a strict evaluation of requests for capital equipment and infrastructure (such as office renovation) that are not covered by the available funds in the Judiciary's regular appropriation for 2015. Requests for ICT-related items (connectivity, software and hardware) shall also be strictly reviewed (through coordination with the Management Information System Office and the Committee on Computerization and Library) to ensure that the proposed procurements are aligned with the EISP and ICT standards of the Court. Also, the approval of the 2015 APP shall be without prejudice to the exclusion of some procurement activities if later found to be redundant or wasteful expenses based on information that have not been made available to the PPC during the drafting of the 2015 APP.

In case any item in the APP is proposed to be excluded from the Judiciary's procurement activities due to any of the grounds outlined in the preceding paragraph, the PPC shall inform the requesting office and other appropriate offices of the ground/s for such exclusion so that a final decision can be arrived through proper consultation. The PPC shall also consult technical and finance officers to ensure that it can arrive at an informed decision with regard to the exclusion of any item in the APP. TIADCc

In all cases, the PPC shall apprise the Chief Justice and/or other authorized officers of the steps taken prior to the actual procurement." Villarama, Jr., J., on official leave. Perlas-Bernabe, J., on leave. (adv26)

Very truly yours,

Clerk of Court