Re: Supreme Court Health and Welfare Plan
A.M. No. 98-8-01-SC

February 4, 2003


A.M. No. 98-8-01-SC



The Court Resolved to NOTE the Memorandum-Compliance dated 20 January 2003 of the Supreme Court Health and Welfare Plan Board, re: Rationalization of Grant of Health and Welfare Benefits, and APPROVED the measures recommended by said Board relating to new plans of allocation of benefits and depositing part of the Plan's Funds for the purpose of earning interests, effective 1 March 2003:

(1) The maximum coverage per member per year will be reduced from EIGHTY THOUSAND (P80,000.00) PESOS to FIFTY THOUSAND (P50,000.00) PESOS, instead of limiting the benefits to those cases or illnesses or ailments which are work-related only.

The reimbursement of up to a maximum of P50,000.00 per member per year for hospitalization expenses is for either major medical illness or major surgical operation. Reimbursement of up to a maximum of P20,000.00 per member per year for out-patient health care services will be allowed, provided that the amount shall be deductible from the member's hospitalization benefit of P50,000.00 for the same year.

(2) An additional financial assistance of P20,000.00 per year may be granted on a case to case basis for the benefit of a member-employee in excess of the maximum allowable hospitalization benefit of P50,000.00 per year, if he/she is found to be suffering from a dreaded disease requiring special forms of medical treatment, such as continuous dialysis, chemotherapy or radiotheraphy. "Dreaded disease " shall be determined and approved by the Board.

(3) The burial aid benefit in the amount or P20,000.00 will be retained. CaHcET

(4) A portion of the fund which is not expected to be used in a year shall be deposited with the Land Bank of the Philippines which yield high interest.

(5) Ceasarian Operation Benefit shall be excluded from the Plan, as this procedure does not, strictly speaking, concern an illness or a disease.

These new policies shall be deemed an amendment to the existing rules and guidelines.

The Court hereby REITERATES the ninety-day (90) period within which to file claims for any benefit.


1.Reiterated in an En Banc Resolution dated September 16, 2003, with additional directive to the Office of the Court Administrator and other concerned officers of the court relative to their remittance to the Supreme Court Health and Welfare Plan. The said directive was not included in this compilation since it was considered as an internal resolution and not for public release.