Reconciliation of Records of Deposits with the Land Bank of the Philippines
OCA Circular No. 52-04

April 1, 2004


TO : All Concerned Executive Judges/Presiding Judges and Clerks of Court/OIC's in the First and Second Level Courts
RE : Reconciliation of Records of Deposits with the Land Bank of the Philippines

As a measure to ensure that all the entire collections of the Courts are deposited with the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), and pursuant to the 2 February 2004 Resolution of this Court in Administrative Matter No. 03-11-671 (Re: Anomaly in the Deposit of Judiciary Development Fund in the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Pasig City), you are hereby DIRECTED to:

1. Prepare/cause the preparation within the first five (5) working days of each month, a list of deposits made in the immediately preceding month for the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF) and another list for the Special Allowance for the Judiciary (SAJ) Account, specifying therein the date and amount for each transaction;

2. Submit the list to the LBP with a request for the confirmation of such deposits;

3. Submit the aforementioned lists and the corresponding bank confirmation thereof on or before the 15th day of the succeeding month to the Fiscal Monitoring Division, Court Management Office, OCA, copy furnished the Accounting Division, Fiscal Management Office, OCA.

This Circular shall take effect immediately.

Strict compliance is hereby enjoined. cIEHAC

Court Administrator