Registration of Household Employers and Assignment of Employer Numbers
SSS Circular No. 001-13

January 22, 2013


TO : All Household Employers and Househelpers
SUBJECT : Registration of Household Employers and Assignment of Employer Numbers

To ensure the social security protection of Househelpers/Kasambahay pursuant to

I. Definition of Terms

1. Househelper/Kasambahay Any person who renders domestic or household services exclusively in the Employer's home, including other areas that the Household Employer may designate, and to the members of the Employer's household, who receives compensation for such services. aEcHCD

2. Household Employer Any person who engages the services of a Househelper/Kasambahay. For this purpose, the husband or wife, or any person who actually pays the compensation for such services shall be deemed the Household Employer.

3. Domestic or Household Services Services rendered by the Househelper/Kasambahay necessary for the maintenance of the Employer's home, including other areas that the Household Employer may designate, and in ministering to the convenience of the members of the Employer's household. These include the services of family driver, babysitter/nursemaid or yaya, gardener, cook, laundry woman and the like.

4. Household The immediate members of the family of the Household Employer, including occupants of the house directly provided services by the Househelper/Kasambahay.

II. Registration and Assignment of ER Numbers

1. All Household Employers shall be issued Employer (ER) Number.

2. For new Household Employers, the ER Number shall be issued upon submission of the following required registration forms thru the nearest SSS Branch:

Employer Registration (SS Form R-1); and

Employment Report (SS Form R-1A).

3. Household Employers who are paying contributions for their Househelpers/Kasambahay using their SSS numbers shall be allowed to continue using said numbers until ER Numbers are provided to them, which shall be done as follows:

Through the nearest SSS Branch, if submitting Contribution Collection List (CCL)

Through the mail, if enrolled in the Auto-Debit Arrangement Program

Through e-mail, if enrolled in the SSS website

4. Household Employers who are not currently paying contributions for Househelpers/Kasambahay shall be provided with ER Number upon resumption of payment of contributions for Househelper/Kasambahay.

III. Payment Deadlines and Reports

If 10th digit of the 13-digit ER Payment Deadline
number ends in: (following the applicable month)
1 or 2 10th day of the month
3 or 4 15th day of the month
5 or 6 20th day of the month
7 or 8 25th day of the month
9 or 0 Last day of the month
(Prescribed under Circular No. 2011-003 dated 16 May 2011)

Contribution Collection List applicable for Regular Employers shall also be submitted by the Household Employer for their Househelper/Kasambahay.

For implementation effective immediately. CaHcET

President and CEO
Social Security System