Submission by Agencies Under the Office of the President of Strategic Plan and Program Targets and Accomplishments
Memorandum Circular No. 16

July 29, 2011


TO: All Agencies Under the Office of the President

Pursuant to Section 27 (e), Book III of the

All agencies under the Office of the President are hereby directed to submit their agencies' strategic plan (Annex A) and program/activity project targets and accomplishments (Annex B), in the specified formats, for the purposes of improving alignment, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation of agencies' performance, within fifteen (15) days from the issuance of this Circular.

This issuance shall take effect immediately.

Manila, July 29, 2011.




1. Vision

2. Mandate

3. Objectives

Identify the organization's strategic objectives for the next three to five years (beginning from 2011) aDHCAE

4. Strategies

For each objective, identify the specific strategies that the organization will pursue to accomplish its stated objectives.

5. Programs, Activities, and Projects

For each strategy, identify the key programs, activities, and projects that the organization will undertake to operationalize the strategy. Specific programs, activities, and projects may support one or more strategies.

6. Major Targets

Identify the organization's major targets for the current and next year. These targets represent the expected results from the successful execution of the organization's strategies and implementation of the various programs, activities, and projects.

7. Major Accomplishments

Identify the organization's major accomplishments for the last year (July 2010 to June 2011), corresponding to the first year of the current Administration.

8. Organizational Structure

Provide the organizational chart and staffing pattern that will be responsible for executive the organization's strategy.

9. Financials

Provide the organization's current year budget (2011) and actuals and, if applicable, the next year's budget (2012). Where available, include the income statement and balance sheet. aITDAE