Systems and Procedures for the Joint CHED-PRC Inspection and Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions Offering Board Programs
CHED Memorandum Order No. 028-10

July 16, 2010


SUBJECT : Systems and Procedures for the Joint CHED-PRC Inspection and Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions Offering Board Programs

In accordance with the pertinent provisions of Commission en banc Resolution No. 071-2010 dated April 14, 2010, and in order to promote, foster and protect the right of all citizens to relevant and affordable quality higher education in the country, the following guidelines implementing Section 24 of CMO No. 40, series of 2008 [otherwise known as the Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education of 2008] in the conduct of extension classes/academic programs are hereby adopted and promulgated by the Commission, thus:


Basic Policy and CHED Powers and Function

SECTION 1. Statement of Policy. Section 1, Article XIV of the 1987 Philippine Constitution mandates that the "State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make education accessible to all."

In the pursuit of the above-mentioned Constitutional mandate, the Commission on Higher Education under Section 8, subsections (d) and (e) of

"(d) set minimum standards for programs and institutions of higher learning recommended by panels of experts in the field and subject to public hearing, and enforce the same;

(e) monitor and evaluate the performance of programs and institutions of higher learning for appropriate incentives as well as the imposition of sanctions such as, but not limited to, diminution or withdrawal of subsidy, recommendation on the downgrading or withdrawal of accreditation, program termination or school closure."


Systems and Procedures for the Joint Commission on Higher Education-Professional Regulation Commission (CHED-PRC) Inspection and Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) on Offering Board Programs

SECTION 2. Schedule of Visit. TIHCcA

2.1 The CHED-Office of Programs and Standards (CHED-OPS) prepares schedule of the monitoring based on the updated list of undergraduate board program/s institutions and proposed schedule submitted by the PRC-Professional Regulatory Boards (PRC-PRBs).

2.2 The CHED-OPS informs the Technical Panel/Technical Assessors and PRC-PRBs of the scheduled visits.

2.3 The Technical Panel/Technical Assessors and PRC-PRBs confirm their availability to the scheduled visits. PRC will provide the CHED-OPS the names of additional representatives from PRC/PRB who will be joining the inspection team.

2.4 The OPS approves the proposed tentative schedule.

SECTION 3. Preparation of Travel and Financial Requirements.

3.1 Based on the Rules and Regulations specified in CHED Administrative Order (CAO), the OPS prepares the budgetary requirements and documents concerning the following expenses:

3.1.1 Food

3.1.2 Accommodation

3.1.3 Airfare/Sea fare/Terminal Fee

3.1.4 Transportation Services (Bus, Taxi, Hiring of Private Vehicle/Gasoline & Toll Fee)

3.1.5 Travel Allowance (Per Diem)

3.1.6 Honorarium

3.2 Transfer of Funds to CHED Regional Office (CHEDRO) for Transportation, Food and Accommodation.

3.3 The CHED Chairman approves the Authority to Hold Activity and Authority to Travel.

3.4 The OPS submits the financial requirements including all supporting documents to Higher Education Development Fund (HEDF) for fund allocation.

SECTION 4. Notification of Visit.

4.1 The CHED-Executive Office (CHED-EO) sends Notice of Visit to the CHEDRO.

4.2 CHEDRO informs and confirms the readiness of the school one-month prior to the scheduled visit.

4.3 In case of changes of schedule of visit, the school will notify in writing the CHEDRO, one week ahead of the schedule of the postponement of inspection. CHEDRO shall be responsible for any visit that will be cancelled.

4.4 There must be a confirmation from the school that they agreed to be inspected if the inspection day falls on a weekend or a holiday. cEaDTA

SECTION 5. Monitoring/Evaluation of Programs.

The inspection team per program shall be composed of one (1) Technical Panel/Technical Assessor; one (1) PRC-PRB representative; one (1) representative each from CHED Central Office (CHEDCO) and CHEDRO; and other CHED support staff as needed. Should there be a need for an additional representative from PRC/PRB to join the team, expenses will not be shouldered by CHED.

5.1 Pre-inspection Conference

5.1.1 The team meets with school officials and key personnel for a pre-inspection conference.

5.1.2 Introduction of Inspection Team and opening statement by CHEDCO representative with emphasis on the objective of the visit.

5.1.3 Introduction of School Staff and Dept. Heads by school President or authorized representative.

5.1.4 The Inspection Team discusses the relevance of the monitoring; the instrument to be used; the procedure and expectation during the inspection; and how the result will affect the school's program offering.

5.2 Inspection Proper

5.2.1 The school officials and/or staff accompany the inspection team for the ocular inspection.

5.2.2 The school administrator, deans, key instructor, laboratory personnel including the school librarian, should be present during the inspection.

5.2.3 All areas of evaluation must be thoroughly checked.

Note: Proof of purchase (License) "License and Maintenance Agreement, if applicable should be presented to the inspection team.

5.3 Meeting of the Inspection Team

5.3.1 The inspection team meets to deliberate the result/s findings prior to the conduct of the post-inspection or exit conference.

5.3.2 After the deliberation, the inspection team which is composed of one (1) Technical Panel/Technical Assessor; one (1) PRC-PRB representative; one (1) representative each from CHED Central Office (CHEDCO) and CHEDRO signs the evaluation instrument.

5.4 Post/Exit Conference

5.4.1 The inspection team conducts the post/exit conference with the presence of the school administration officials or his duly authorized representative/s and school key personnel. ITScHa

5.4.2 The Team leader from CHED discusses the following: Positive observation especially if the school's compliance exceeds the minimum requirements. Summary of findings, area per area, point by point and the deficiencies noted. The school administrator or his authorized representative conforms with the findings by affixing his signature in the inspection instrument.

SECTION 6. Purpose.

To determine the compliance of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with existing Policies, Standards and Guidelines governing the operation of board programs being monitored. The result of the monitoring shall serve as empirical data for possible policy intervention and other remedial measures.

SECTION 7. Cancellation/Postponement of Visit of the Members of the Evaluation Team.

Cancellation notice from Technical Panel/Technical Assessors and PRC-PRBs to CHED should be done a week before the scheduled visit (In order to have time to look for replacement)

SECTION 8. Effectivity.

This Order shall take effect upon approval and shall remain in force and effect until otherwise revoked.

Quezon City, Philippines, July 16, 2010.

Commission on Higher Education