Take Over of Certain Airports by the Philippine Air Force
Letter of Instructions No. 260

March 21, 1975


TO : The Secretary of Public Highways
The Administrator, Civil Aeronautics Administration
The Commanding General, Philippine Air Force

In view of the need to consolidate the management and supervision of airports considered as military airports, and in order to enforce uniform standards in their construction or improvement and maintenance, I hereby direct that the following airports be taken over immediately by the Philippine Air Force:

1. Laoag Airport

2. Puerto Princesa Airport

3. Cagayan de Sulu Airport

4. General Santos City Airport

5. Davao Airport

6. Awang Airport

The Secretary of Public Highways or the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics Administration, as the case may be, shall, jointly with the Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force, submit a progress report to me as soon after the turnover as possible on the construction, improvement or condition of each of the above-mentioned airports. casia

DONE in the City of Manila, this 21st day of March, 1975.

P.S. All present work, personnel and equipment shall continue but PAF will now supervise and direct the project. In case of Laoag, only the custody of the funds was handed over to the local government not the project. Contracts should not be entered into by the governor. It is a national project.