Target Hardening Measures
SOSIA Memorandum

January 26, 2011


TO : All PSA/CSF/GGU/Operators/General Managers
All Private Security Personnel
PADPAO President


1. References:

a. 2003

b. The numerous dastardly acts perpetrated by terrorists and other criminal groups as shown in recent incidents/atrocities committed by criminal/threat groups.

2. The recent atrocities of criminal/threat groups has caused destruction to properties and loss of lives of innocent people. Further, intelligence reports revealed of terrorist/criminal plots to attack commercial establishments/vital installations/critical infrastructure to further create havoc, destruction and destabilization.

3. This Office reiterates once again to all private security personnel to be vigilant in providing security to their establishments particularly on points of convergence such as recreational centers, hotels, malls, schools, economic keypoints and critical infrastructures/vital installations/service utilities (water utilities, electric/power supply sector, transportation sector and communication/information sector. Included thereto are banks and armored vans carrying cash and/or valuables. These are prime targets of terrorists and criminal elements.

4. Security agencies providing security services to the aforecited places should strengthen their security measures and implement target hardening measures with the end view of coordinating their efforts with the PNP and other law enforcement agencies.

5. Security personnel shall monitor the entrance of people and conduct thorough inspection of bags, baggage and the likes which can contain bomb/bomb ingredients. Concerned security agencies are strictly directed to use metal detectors/scanners and other state of the art/electronic gadgets to strengthen the security of these establishments. You are also encouraged to deploy canine units to ensure the safety of the public. ETaSDc

6. Likewise, security personnel must be alert of the movement of suspicious looking persons and vehicles especially those observed to have parked for a long period of time in the mall/establishment they are securing as same may be look outs of robbers or robbers themselves casing their would be victims.

7. Security personnel posted at carparks or parking areas of malls/establishments must see to it not to allow drivers/occupants to stay inside vehicles especially while the engine is running.

8. Additionally, security service providers must coordinate with the bank and mall management to prohibit persons staying inside their parked vehicles and people loitering in the same area by designating a drivers lounge in their respective carparks.

9. However, security personnel shall always observe courtesy explaining therein that it is for the public's sake/safety that they are conducting stringent inspections and maintenance of security.

10. Further, all private security personnel are enjoined to coordinate/contact the nearest police unit for assistance should the situation warrants. Furthermore, all incidents should be reported to this Office immediately using the available fastest means of communication.

11. Detachment commanders/shifts-in-charge near these areas and vital installations should render situation report to the SOSIA Tactical Operation Center (TOC) thru SAGSD Hotlines:

a) CP Nr (Sun Cellular) 0922-2995438;

b) SOSIA Website: www.sosia.org.ph; and

c) SOSIA E-Mail Address:

12. The TOC is manned on a twenty four (24) hour, seven (7) days basis by SOSIA personnel. All incidents and Essential Elements of Information (EEIs) on Bomb Threat should be reported immediately using any of the contact numbers mentioned. cIACaT

13. For your guidance, compliance and widest dissemination.

Police Senior Superintendent, DSC
OIC, Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies
Philippine National Police