Warning on the Harms and Hazards of Plastic Toys
DOH-FDA Advisory No. 014-12

November 13, 2012


SUBJECT : Warning on the Harms and Hazards of Plastic Toys

In the interest of public health and safety, the Department of Health through the Food and Drug Administration hereby warns the general public especially the parents against buying plastic toys as this may be hazardous to health of their children.

This warning is issued in view of the concerns raised regarding children's toys, with heavy metals as these have been found to leach out from the toys when they are sucked or chewed as commonly practiced by children especially the infants.

To ensure safety, consumers/parents are enjoined to observe the following:

Check the labels on the packaging especially the chemical ingredients used in the manufacture of the toys/precautions appearing on the labels;

Ensure that the child's toys are suited for his/her age under adult supervision;

Dispose plastic packaging accordingly.

For children under age of three (3), do not buy the following:

1. Balls with a diameter of 1.75 inches or less so as to prevent choking; HCATEa

2. Toys that easily breaks into small parts or pieces (glass or brittle plastics);

3. Toys containing small detachable parts or pieces which could become lodged in the throat;

4. Toys with sharp points and edges;

5. Toys with electrical parts that could pinch or entrap fingers, toes, or hair; and

6. Toys with parts put together by straight pins, sharp wires or nails that are exposed and easily detached.

The public is hereby assured that the FDA conducts compliance monitoring of establishments and market surveillance of toy products regularly and that samples collected are tested for the presence of heavy metals. Non-compliant toys are subject to recall and disposal in accordance with the submitted disposal plan of the company involved, subject to approval of the FDA.

Acting Director IV
Food and Drug Administration